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Paint Solvents

A paint solvent is used by painters and DIY-enthusiast alike to get rid of paint from unwanted surfaces. Solvents for paint come in a variety of types most commonly used of which is acetone, thinners and even turpentine. Each solvent can dissolve specific kinds of paints so it’s best to know which solvent will work for which paint.

No matter which paint solvent you need, you’ll find it at BUCO online or in store today. We stock a range of solvents from SA’s leading brands at the most competitive prices too. Search for the solvent you need at our online store easily today, you’ll be able to select your products and have it delivered to your door in a few short days.

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Which paint solvents are best to buy?

We stock a wide array of paint-removing solvents to help you clean or strip any kind of paint from any kind of surface. In order to buy the best solvent, it’s important to know what kind of paint each solvent is designed to get rid of or clean. Here is a breakdown of the various solvents we stock and what they should be used for;


Acetone is colourless and very flammable, so caution should always be used when working with this liquid. Paint remover or acetone is an all-rounder and can be used to get rid of most kinds of paints but is often used to dissolve lacquer or varnishes on wood or metal surfaces.

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If you need to get rid of acrylic-based paints from brushes, surfaces, and even your skin, then turpentine or turps is the best solvent to use. It is a solvent made from pine tree resin and is safe to use on your skin, although it should never be used on sensitive areas of your body like your face, head, and neck.

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Thinners is a highly potent spirit that is ideal for removing oil-based paints. Whether you need to clean brushes, rollers, cloths, or surfaces, use thinners for oil-based paint removal. Exercise caution when working with thinners and make sure you don’t use them in a small, closed off area.

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Shop the BUCO range of paint strippers like paint remover, Powastrip, bitumen and glue remover, and even varnish stripper now. We stock a huge variety of paint strippers for every paint and surface type.

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Brush Cleaner

Do yourself a favour and invest in brush cleaning solvents specifically for cleaning paint off of brushes from BUCO now. Our brush cleaning range is top quality and very well priced.

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