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  1. Rainkote White 5l Duram
    Rainkote White 5l Duram
    from R294.99
  2. Rainkote White 5l Duram
    Rainkote Grey 5l Duram
    from R294.99
  3. Benzine  5l Powafix
    Benzine 5l Powafix
    from R164.99
  4. Benzine  750ml Saftey Pack Powafix
    Benzine 750ml Saftey Pack Powafix
    from R26.99
  5. Methylated Spirits  25l Powafix
    Methylated Spirits 25l Powafix
    from R859.00
  6. Methylated Spirits  5l Powafix
    Methylated Spirits 5l Powafix
  7. Methylated Spirits  750ml Powafix
    Methylated Spirits 750ml Powafix
    from R34.99
  8. Paraffin   5l Powafix
    Paraffin 5l Powafix
  9. Paraffin  750ml Powafix
    Paraffin 750ml Powafix
    from R24.99
  10. Turpentine Genuine 750ml Powafix
    Turpentine Genuine 750ml Powafix
    from R179.99
  11. Turpentine Mineral  5l
    Turpentine Mineral 5l
    from R189.99
  12. Turpentine Mineral  5l Powafix
    Turpentine Mineral 5l Powafix
    from R159.00
  13. Turpentine Mineral  750ml Powafix
    Turpentine Mineral 750ml Powafix
    from R31.50
  14. Xylene  1l Duram
    Xylene 1l Duram
    from R149.99
  15. Duram Rainkote
    Duram Rainkote
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  16. Duram Rainkote Fibre-Tech
    Duram Rainkote Fibre-Tech
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For the ultimate in cleaning solutions when tackling any paint job, choose a turpentine, benzine, paraffin or methylated spirits solvent from BUCO today. Our range of turpentine for sale comes in a variety of sizes from 750ml bottles to larger 5l tubs. Whether you need turps or benzine for your worksite, to help you clean a large amount of brushes and rollers, or whether you just like to keep a small bottle handy in the garage for when you need to clean those common paint spills, shop at BUCO today.

We stock the widest range of turpentine products as well as benzine for sale at BUCO. You’ll also be able to get methylated spirits and paraffin for those tough cleaning jobs on glass and other delicate surfaces.

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Which turpentine is the best to buy?

Turpentine solvent is an excellent spirit liquid that gets rid of acrylic-based paints on just about any surface, including the skin. It is commonly used by painters to clean brushes, rollers and cloths and is also used to wipe the paint off skin areas like the hands. Always exercise caution when working with solvents though. Never use them on sensitive areas of your skin like the face, eyes and head. Be sure to use turps in an open area to avoid inhaling too much of the fumes in a small space.

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