DIY Connect-IT Clutter Buster

DIY Project - Clutter Buster

Organize your life with BUCO – a functional DIY project, which is simple, versatile and lots of fun to make. We used the easy to master Connect-it system, supplied by BUCO. 1 DAY PROJECT Johan’s tip for HOME DIY enthusiasts THE PROBLEM To sort out a very chaotic store room TOOLS FOR THE JOB Pencil […]

Take your gardening to the next level with Hydroponics.

Hydroponic gardening

For those of you not sure what hydroponics is, it is a method of growing plants without soil but rather in water. There are a number of hydro-cultures, but let’s just leave that for another day/blog. The advantages of using this method for growing veggies in your yard is: A hydroponic greenhouse can use about […]

How to install BUCO’s Insta-Cupboard

How to install a insta-cupboard

If you’re looking for a storage solution that’s affordable, looks fantastic, and is easy to install, then BUCO’s Insta-Cupboard is for you! Visit one of our participating stores with your measurements, requirements (you might want a floor, wall, or specialist unit), and then it’s up to you to choose the finish you prefer for your […]

DIY Cheese Chalkboard

How to make a chalkboard cheeseboard

Impress your guests by making your own cheese chalkboard! Follow these easy steps to create your own. You will need: A piece of wood (21.5cm x 80cm) Brass handles Painters tape Measuring tape Drill Chalkboard spray paint Step 1 Clean surface Step 2 Measure border Step 3 Tape off border area Step 4 Spray paint […]

How to rewire a plug

Handy Tips - how to rewire a plug

INTRODUCTION: We know how easy it is to get your wires crossed! That is why we have created a step by step guide on “how to rewire a plug” just for you! What do you need: SCREWDRIVER WIRE STRIPPER Method: Remove the plug cover by unscrewing it. Remove wires from old plug. Strip the wires […]

Building Blocks

What is BUCO Building Blocks? BUCO Building Blocks is an initiative that was launched in 2010 that is solely focused on the upliftment of local communities. We provide building materials and supplies to both local and national non-government organisations (NGOs) as well as government entities committed to this same cause. How do we go to […]

Water saving aerators

Options running dry when it comes to saving water? Why not install MacNeil aerators onto all your taps? Save up to 60% water, save money and they are easy to install! Available at BUCO Western Cape stores from only R31.99

Hexagon Paint

Change your plain wall into a centerpiece with painted hexagons. Whether you paint them outside or inside, colourful or monochromatic, they’re be sure to attract attention and lots of compliments! You will need What to do Step 1: Measure out your hexagon shape. Step 2: Then tape off the area tightly. Step 3: Paint between […]

Cement Bowl

Don’t think twice about adding greenery to your home with our easy and affordable DIY cement planting pots! Get creative with your size, colour, pattern and choice of plant. Just pop into BUCO and our DIY experts will help with any questions you might have. You will need What to do Step 1: Coat the […]


You’ll have no excuses not to organise when making your own pegboard is this easy! Paint it your favourite colour and show off your achievements or even hang up some greenery to brighten your space- the options are endless. You will need What to do Step 1: Measure the space and mark out where you […]