Water saving aerators

Options running dry when it comes to saving water? Why not install MacNeil aerators onto all your taps? Save up to 60% water, save money and they are easy to install! Available at BUCO Western Cape stores from only R31.99

Hexagon Paint

Change your plain wall into a centerpiece with painted hexagons. Whether you paint them outside or inside, colourful or monochromatic, they’re be sure to attract attention and lots of compliments! You will need What to do Step 1: Measure out your hexagon shape. Step 2: Then tape off the area tightly. Step 3: Paint between […]

Cement Bowl

Don’t think twice about adding greenery to your home with our easy and affordable DIY cement planting pots! Get creative with your size, colour, pattern and choice of plant. Just pop into BUCO and our DIY experts will help with any questions you might have. You will need What to do Step 1: Coat the […]


You’ll have no excuses not to organise when making your own pegboard is this easy! Paint it your favourite colour and show off your achievements or even hang up some greenery to brighten your space- the options are endless. You will need What to do Step 1: Measure the space and mark out where you […]

Copper Lamp

Stylish and sophisticated, this minimal copper lamp is much easier (and cheaper) to make than you might think. Pop into BUCO for all of the DIY advice and equipment you need to change your decor from cheap to chic. You will need What to do Step 1: Measure the lengths of copper. Step 2: Cut […]

Makeover an old chair

Old Chair Makeover

Paint and upholster mismatched chairs for a pretty seating arrangement. You will need Step 1: Make a template of the seat of your chair by placing the newsprint on top and tracing the shape with a crayon. Cut the shape out and place it back on the seat to see if it fits; make adjustments […]

Tips and tricks to keep your tools in tip top shape

Ensuring that your tools are in good condition is an investment you’ll never regret. While cleaning your tools can be a tiresome process, keeping them stain free and well-maintained can be a rewarding experience as your tools will last longer. Here are some tips on how to correctly maintain and store your tools: Hand tools […]

DIY Budget Basics

Looking to improve your home without destroying your bank balance? We know that home improvement doesn’t come cheaply but it’s an investment that can increase the overall value of your property. Here are some tips on creating a DIY project budget: Create a list of exactly what materials and tools you will require for your […]

Pro Painting Pointers for the DIY enthusiast

Why get a professional painter to paint your home when you could save money and Do-it-Yourself? Here are a few tips, tricks and hacks to give your home a professional-looking finish at half the price: Tip 1 Use masking tape over areas you don’t want to paint on for a neat finish. Tip 2 Use […]

Tips to Do-it-Yourself but Do-it-Safely

Basic knowledge on Do-it-Yourself (DIY) safety is important when tackling any DIY project as it can be quite a risky task if you are not careful, especially for a beginner. It’s important to consider the risk factors and the safety measures that need to be taken before working with power tools, toxic building materials, electricity […]