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  1. Silicone Sealant NO Silic Light Bronze 300ml Den Braven  12205
    Silicone Sealant NO Silic Light Bronze 300ml Den Braven 12205
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Painting Prep

Ask any professional painter and they’ll tell you; painting prep is the hardest part of painting, and it takes the longest too. Getting the surface, wall, or piece of furniture ready to be painted takes time, care, and the right painting prep supplies.

At BUCO, we are well-trained in just about every aspect of DIY and construction, with detailed knowledge of the suppliers, materials, and goods you’ll need when painting any kind of surface both inside and out.

Shop online right now for interior paint prep supplies or exterior painting preparation materials from our Paint Prep Department. You’ll find everything from crack filler and putty to sugar soap and silicon too. Why not browse our entire Paint Department for everything you could need for your professional or rookie painting job today?

Shop Painting Prep Online

Which paint prep is best to buy?

When choosing what paint prep is best for your job at hand, it’s important to understand what surface you will be painting like an exterior wall or perhaps roof tiles or if you’ll be painting wood or even metal. Knowing the surface on which you’ll be painting, as well as the condition of it, will help you and your friendly BUCO assistant know what prep products to use.

Make sure you have a clear understanding of how to prep before painting in order to get the best results from your products. If you’re not sure how to prep first, ask the team at your local BUCO store for help and expertise today.

When shopping for paint prep online, you’ll find these supplies at BUCO online today;

Crack Filler

We stock a range of crack filler products from leading brands at the best prices. From 2in1 crack filler tubes and re-usable cartridges to 5L Powafix tubs, you’ll find it all at BUCO online today.


When needing to fix holes in walls or furniture left from dents or hanging items, choose from our range of excellent quality putty options from some of the best-loved brands in SA. We offer a wide range of choices in putty products online today.

Sugar soap

Used to clean dirty, stained surfaces that are caked in stubborn dirt, grease or tar, Sugar Soap is an ideal way to prep interior surface for painting. It’s an effective product to get the surface ready for painting and decorating.

Spirit of salts

When needing a particularly strong and potent cleaner to clean and dissolve particles on metal, cement, tiles and concrete than using Spirit of Salts is essential. Use with caution though as its very acidic and can be toxic.

Anchor Crete

Anchoring cement is perfect for outdoor use when needing to cement items into concrete or for patching up masonry. Shop for all the anchoring concrete products from 2kg bags to 330ml tubes at BUCO online today.


Choose from our range of universal oxide products in a variety of colours and bag sizes. For small at-home projects to large construction jobs, we have the stock and quantities you need now.


For every type of silicone, you might need, from lubricant sprays to cornice adhesives, shop at BUCO online or in-store today. We have the largest range of supplies at competitive prices too.

Find your nearest BUCO store now. BUCO – let’s build together.

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