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Anchor Crete

When you need a product that can anchor just about anything into concrete or rock, take a look at our anchor crete product options in our Paint Prep Department. We stock a range of anchor fix products from leading brands likes Polycell, Powafix and Sika. Whether you’re looking for a small 300ml tube of wall filler or a 2kg bag masonry patching plaster, you’ll find it at BUCO now.

BUCO is one of the leading building and hardware companies to put their full stock range online. We want our loyal customers – whom we like to call partners – to be able to get everything they need for their construction projects or DIY-renovations with ease and convenience online. Simply go to BUCO.co.za and browse through our wide range of departments today.

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Which anchor crete is best to buy?

You’ll know which product is best to buy because of the type of job you are needing it for. When prepping for a painting job, you’ll have to look at the surface you’re about to paint and in what kind of the condition it is in. For walls with deep cracks and crevices, you might consider plaster crack repair to do the job or when working with cement or concrete, you’ll want to consider a strong product like plaster filler or rock set.

If you’re unsure as to what kind of products you need, these few questions might help;

  1. What kind of surface or material are you prepping?
  2. Is the surface or material soiled or dirty? What kind of dirt is on the surface?
  3. Are there holes in the surface that need to be filled?

If you’re preparing to paint, be sure to browse the other prep product options in our department
which includes;

  • Putty
  • Sugar Soap
  • Spirit of Salts
  • Oxide
  • Silicone

No matter what the size or scale of the job you’re tackling, be sure to ask a specialist at BUCO for advice before starting. We are trained to help builders across the country get the products they need at prices that make their back pockets very happy.

Where to buy anchor crete online?

BUCO is the best place to buy anchor crete online. We have stock of excellent brands at the best prices today. When shopping online, take a look at other departments like roofing, painting, masonry, kitchens and bathrooms too. We have supplies and materials for every need and every job.

When shopping safely online, all you need to do is checkout and your goods will arrive at your door in a few days. We offer all our shoppers’ free delivery when they buy materials or goods worth R2000 or more. It’s couldn’t be simpler; happy shopping!

BUCO Stores Nationwide

If you’d prefer to rather shop at a friendly store near you for the hardware, building goods and home décor items you need, then find your local outlet today. From Athlone to East London, there’s a BUCO around the corner; we guarantee it. Find your nearest BUCO store now.

BUCO – let’s build together.

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