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Which indoor wall lights are best to buy?

Lighting within the home is such a personal choice, which makes BUCO’s indoor wall lighting supplies the right place to start when you’re deciding how you’ll explore ambiance in your own home. Some people opt for many well-placed wall-mount indoor lighting fixtures for a wide-reaching, all-round lighting effect, while others prefer to have a few selective wall lights indoor options.

Whether you’re looking for a small quantity for a DIY-lighting project, or for reliable wholesale indoor wall lighting suppliers, BUCO’s got you covered.

Indoor Wall Lighting Supplies

From patterned (Egyptian, ethnic, and more) glass light cover options to wall spots, lantern designs, and more, our indoor wall lighting supplies department can help you bring your interior spaces to life at night with the range of indoor wall lighting on offer at BUCO. From hallways and landings to entrance halls and more, consider these tips for lighting placement within your home: 


Mounting lights at a height of approximately 6 feet from the floor is a good way to avoid them being something you bump into or them being too garish where exposed light bulbs are concerned. The height of your family members in relation to the height of the ceiling may have you increase or decrease this guideline. 


Using the measurement of 6 to 8 feet between each light fitting is a great guideline for a calming but effective general light for the common rooms within your home. This however is also relevant to the wattage of the bulbs you plan to use in your wall mount indoor lighting fixtures. Extra bright means you can have fewer fittings that are further spaced apart, while lower, dimmer wattage bulbs mean you might want more of them that are closer together. 


Rooms with heavier traffic (such as entrance halls and passages) should have greater light than a cosy study or TV lounge for example. 

Using one set of measurements from the floor to the placement of the wall mount indoor lighting fixtures will help you to be sure that all your lights along a common wall are at the same height. 

Whether broad, bright lighting is your preference or you’re going for the cosier options, our stock on offer from competitive brands Eurolux and EGLO will meet your needs. 

Whether you are doing your own DIY job, running a small business or looking for wholesale indoor wall lighting supplies, BUCO is your answer. 

Please remember that working with electrical appliances and currents may be dangerous. We urge you to follow all guidelines and precautions while handling any electrical appliance, or consulting a professional whenever you may be unsure. 

Indoor Wall Lighting Suppliers

Where can I buy wholesale indoor wall lighting supplies?

While BUCO guarantees an incredible offering to our walk-in customers and online shoppers, we welcome business-to-business trade as well! If you’re looking for reliable indoor wall lighting supplies from reputable indoor wall lighting suppliers, talk to us about quantity with rates and service that are guaranteed to help your offering — and your bottom line. 

We are wholly committed to providing you with a safety-compliant shopping experience, with convenient options that suit the ways you like to shop: 

  • Order online with FREE delivery on purchases over R2000 within a 5km radius of your local store 
  • Order online but collect at the store with our next-day in-store collection service 
  • Shop safely with all protocols in place, in person at your nearest BUCO store with the help of our friendly DIY-enthusiastic staff   

BUCO — let’s build together, safely. 

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