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Which lights are best to buy?

The lights department within any BUCO store is comprehensive. That’s because we know that the choice you make about lights is based on a vast number of things; from taste and aesthetics to functionality — and even often matching new light types to the ones that may already be installed in and around your home, office, warehouse and so on. 

It is for these reasons that our lights category has over 500 different options as far as lights for sale are concerned, all designed to meet your functional needs as well as your aesthetic tastes. 


Ceiling lights in a wide variety of options including but not limited to: 


  • Bathroom options 
  • Ceiling and/or wall-mounted bulkhead lights in black or white frame options 
  • Ceiling spotlights on chrome or copper bow or round fittings in 2 and 3 globe options 
  • Downlight low voltage kits 
  • Downlights in plastic and steel frame options 
  • Downlight spots 
  • Fluorescent ceiling light fittings and globes (sold separately) 
  • LED variants 
  • Oval with patterns and/or plain 
  • Round and square 


  • Day/Night sensor lights 
  • Freestanding garden solar LED lights  
  • Insect repelling killer exterior wall-mounted lights 
  • Sensor LED floodlights in various shapes, sizes, and wattage capacities 
  • Telescope / freestanding worker floodlights 
  • Wall-mounted lanterns with various formats and paneling 
  • Work multi-functional with magnet LED flashlight  


  • Bedside student lamps 
  • Emergency rechargeable Eurolux light 
  • Fairy lights in multi-coloured or all-white 
  • Handheld rechargeable spotlight 
  • Handheld torches 

…and so much more! 

BUCO is here to help you shed light wherever you need it so that all of your lights requirements are taken care of. 

For those handheld or accessory options that may require batteries, remember you can get those with us in-store too. 

Remember: working with electrical appliances and currents may be dangerous. Please handle all electrical appliances with care following guidelines and precautions, or consult a professional where you may be unsure. Find your nearest BUCO store now.

BUCO - let’s build together, safely. 

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