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Plaster Brick & Blocks

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  1. Brick Cement Block 390x140x190mm
    Brick Cement Block 390x 90x190mm
  2. Brick Cement Block 390x140x190mm
    Brick Cement Block 390x140x190mm
  3. Brick Cement Block 390x140x190mm
    Brick Cement Block 390x190x190mm
  4. Brick Cement Stock
    Brick Cement Stock
  5. Brick Cement Block 390x140x190mm
    Cement Blocks 140 15kg M6
    from R10.20
  6. Mould Brick 150mm TOOB01
    Mould Brick 150mm TOOB01
    from R709.00
  7. Brick Cement Maxi
    Brick Cement Maxi
  8. Brick Clay NFP Delivered Per 1000
    Brick Clay NFP Delivered Per 1000
  9. Brick Clay stock NFP (500PP)
    Brick Clay stock NFP (500PP)
  10. Brick Clay stock NFP
    Brick Clay stock NFP
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Shop Concrete Blocks Online

Concrete blocks or cement blocks are a dependable and affordable way to build a home, used by many South African contractors and DIY-guys in the building industry. We stock a range of brick blocks in differing sizes that are perfect for building sturdy structures like homes and outhouses.

At BUCO, you’ll find a range of building materials like plaster blocks and additional brick materials like clay bricks, cement bricks, face brick, and even glass bricks too. We stock a wide range of additional building materials for every building need too; be it for a DIY weekend fix-up or a largescale commercial project. Let BUCO be your partner in all your building endeavours, supplying you with top quality building materials and the most competitive prices on the market.

Which concrete blocks are best to buy?

The best building materials to buy, like concrete blocks, are the kind that meet your design spec and the size of the build you’re intending to take on. Here are a few questions to help you know which cement blocks are the best fit for you:

  1. What kind of brick will I be building with i.e. plaster blocks or cement blocks, clay bricks, etc?
  2. What is the square meter space or the size of the building area you intend to build?
  3. Do you know how to equate that into how many blocks or bricks you need?
  4. Do you need additional building materials like cement, plaster, etc for the build?
  5. Do you have a skilled builder, bricklayer, and plasterer to help complete the job in top form?

In our Building Materials Department, you’ll also be able to browse and buy;

  • Lintels
  • Building Columns
  • Concrete Products
  • Fencing
  • Steel
  • Reinforcing and Underlay
  • Cement 
  • Cast Iron

Where can I buy concrete blocks online?

For the most competitive block brick price on the market, get down to your local BUCO store or shop online with us today. We offer the best quality goods and the best prices now. Shop with BUCO in two easy ways:


Browse our building materials department for block bricks for sale at incredible prices today. If you know the size of the bricks you want and the number of blocks you need, then shopping for bricks online couldn’t be easier. Securely checkout and wait for your brick order to be delivered to your home or work site within days. If you order for over R2000, you’ll get your delivery for free too.


We have a BUCO store near your home or work site right now, that’s guaranteed. We have over 100 stores nationwide, staffed with knowledgeable people who know more than a thing or two about building. Find your nearest BUCO store now.

BUCO – let’s build together.

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