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  1. Lintel Concrete 135mm 0.900m
    Lintel Concrete 135mm 0.900m
  2. Lintel Concrete 135mm 1.200m
    Lintel Concrete 135mm 1.200m
  3. Lintel Concrete 135mm 1.500m
    Lintel Concrete 135mm 1.500m
  4. Lintel Concrete 135mm 1.800m
    Lintel Concrete 135mm 1.800m
  5. Lintel Concrete 135mm 2.100m
    Lintel Concrete 135mm 2.100m
  6. Lintel Concrete 135mm 2.400m
    Lintel Concrete 135mm 2.400m
    from R119.99
  7. Lintel Concrete 135mm 2.700m
    Lintel Concrete 135mm 2.700m
    from R129.98
  8. Lintel Concrete 135mm 3.000m
    Lintel Concrete 135mm 3.000m
  9. Lintel Concrete 135mm 3.600m
    Lintel Concrete 135mm 3.600m
    from R174.98
  10. Lintel Concrete 135mm 4.800m
    Lintel Concrete 135mm 4.800m
  11. Lintel Concrete 135mm 6.000m
    Lintel Concrete 135mm 6.000m
    from R279.99
  12. Lintel Concrete 75x100mm
    Lintel Concrete 75x100mm
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  13. Lintel Concrete 90x90mm
    Lintel Concrete 90x90mm
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  14. Lintel Concrete 75x150mm
    Lintel Concrete 75x150mm
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  15. Lintel Concrete
    Lintel Concrete
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Shop Lintels Online

Top quality concrete lintels in a variety of lengths and sizes available at BUCO online right now. If you know the length and quantity of the lintels for sale that you need, then why not shop online for the safety of your home or work office? You’ll be able to order online and have the lintels delivered to your worksite in a few working days.

What is a lintel?

A lintel beam is a horizontal support that is most often placed above a door or window opening when building to add additional support to the area around the frame. Lintels are commonly used in South African building contexts and are made from concrete however you can also get lintels made from timber, stone, or steel as well.

Which lintels are best to buy?

When building, it is advisable to always put a building lintel beam across a doorway or window frame as explained above. The best kind to buy is the lintel length that fits the frame perfectly with extra length on either side of the frame too. A lintel should never only fit the frame but also have enough sides on either side of the frame for the correct type of support. When shopping for concrete lintels for sale be sure to know:

  1. What length lintel do you need?
  2. What thickness lintel do you need?
  3. The number of lintels of a certain thickness and length that you need?
  4. If you require any additional building materials like spirit levels, mortar, or cement when installing a lintel at home or on a job site 

In our Building Materials Department, you’ll also be able to browse and buy;

  • Bricks & Plaster Blocks
  • Building Columns
  • Concrete Products
  • Fencing
  • Steel
  • Reinforcing and Underlay
  • Cement 
  • Cast Iron

Where can I buy lintels online?

We make shopping for building materials like lintels, bricks, steel, and reinforcing, easy! Simply shop online or in-store today to get brilliant quality building products at the best prices available. Delivery on all large number of items is offered to you whether you buy online or in-store too.


Our newly revamped website offers a shopping experience like no other. We have literally packed our virtual shelves with all the building materials, hardware items, and home décor products you could need for your DIY projects or largescale builds. All you need to do is grab a cup of coffee, find your favourite chair, and browse through our variety of departments available now. Rest assured that our checkout process is simple and secure too.


From Cape Town to Hammanskraal, there is a BUCO near you. From north and south to east and west, there is a BUCO outlet servicing happy building and hardware customers in every major town in SA. As the building partner you can trust, we pride ourselves on being where you need us to be when it comes to building your dream home, renovating, or taking on your professional contracts today. Find your nearest BUCO store now.

BUCO – let’s build together.

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