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DIY Space-Saver – Instant Industrial Coat & Hat Rack


Space saving, minimalist, industrial styles are still reigning supreme in the modern interior décor world. That’s why this simple DIY coat & hat rack design can fit into almost any home and be both functional and fabulous, creating loads of hanging space and easy storage. Here we are going to show you how to save space instantly by getting these simple items from BUCO.

Shopping list

  • Elbows x 5
  • Straight Connectors x 2
  • T-Pieces x 6
  • 1 meter Pipes x 2
  • 150mm Pipes x 9
  • 750mm Pipe x 1
  • 300mm Pipe x 1
  • End Caps x 3
  • Rust-oleum Metal Finish Spray Pain


Watch this short video as Misi takes us through the project, or follow the step by step guide below

How to start: It’s a bit like building a puzzle, but if you follow these simple steps you should be done in no time:

  1. To form the legs - Connect 2 x 150mm Pipes to each end of a T-piece. Connect an elbow to each Pipe end.
  2. To form the upright sections – Connect each 1 meter Pipe to the T-Piece of each foot, then screw on the straight connector on each pipe and connect the 300mm Pipes.
  3. To form the individual legs – Connect an elbow to the top of the one upright pipes and a T-Piece to the other upright pipe.
  4. To form the cross-bar – Connect the 750mm Pipe between the elbow and T-Piece at the top of each upright leg.
  5. To form the hat-stand section – Connect 2 x 150mm Pipes with nips and T-Pieces between them, each T-piece’s horizontal hole facing a different direction, connect to the top of the T-Piece on the one upright pipe of the stand. Finish off each pipe with an end cap.
  6. Give it a stylish finish by spraying with any colour of Rust-oleum’s metal finish spray paint.

And voilà! A few simple screws, a quick spray and you have instant open-plan style in your bedroom or storage room. Visit your nearest BUCO to find all the DIY project items you need to do more with your home.