BUCO 8-Year Paint Guarantee


1.1. This guarantee is limited to cover the following BUCO paint products ("the product/s"):

1.1.1. BUCO Roof and Paving

1.1.2. BUCO Wall and Ceiling

1.2. The guarantee shall apply where:

1.2.1. The total purchase price of the product/s does not exceed R15 000 (fifteen thousand rand) inclusive of VAT.

1.2.2. The consumer has lodged his/her guarantee with BUCO by registering via the website: www.buco.co.za. and furnishing all the purchase and personal details requested. In order for this guarantee to be valid, this must be done within 30 (thirty) days of the purchase date of the product/s.

1.3. The guarantee shall commence on the date that the consumer telephonically lodges his/her guarantee (“the commencement date”) and will be for a period of 8 (Eight) years calculated from the commencement date.

1.4. Where any claim arises during the guarantee period, the period will not start afresh after settlement of the claim, unless a total repaint is required, as determined at the sole discretion of BUCO.

1.5. This guarantee shall only apply to products purchased and applied within the Republic of South Africa


2.1. This guarantee shall only be applicable where:

2.1.1. Application work has been done in accordance with the instructions provided for the product concerned with regards to preparation and application;

2.1.2. The consumer has followed the recommended surface preparation and used the recommended products for the surface preparation prior to the painting of the surface;

2.1.3. The product is used strictly for the following applications: BUCO Roof and Paving– Exterior applications on roofs and selected paving Correct preparation to be followed BUCO Wall and Ceiling– Interior/ Exterior applications on Interior application on polystyrene cornice, Plasterboard and Fibre Cement board (Correct preparation to be followed and in conjunction with BUCO Plaster primer where applicable)


3.1. BUCO guarantees that the product will maintain the expected appearance and performance for the stipulated guarantee period. The guarantee also covers adhesion and inter-coat adhesion in the event where BUCO products have been used for the entire application from primer direct to substrate as well as top coats.

3.2. The guarantee allows for a colour change over time in accordance with the Grey Scale Standard ISO 105-A02:1993. Blistering and chalking of the product will not exceed the expected performance as per ISO 4628-2:2003 and ISO 4628-6:2007 respectively.

3.3. This guarantee does not cover any indirect or consequential damages.

3.4. Throughout this guarantee "paint failure" shall mean any of the following occurring:

3.4.1. Cracking of the paint film in line with ISO 4628-4:2003.

3.4.2. Blistering of the paint film not in line with ISO 4628-2:2003.

3.4.3. Adhesion failure or inter-coat adhesion failure where BUCO product has been used in its entirety in accordance with ISO 4624:2008 and ISO 2409:2008.

3.4.4. Chalking of the paint film not in accordance with ISO 4628-6:2007.

3.4.5. Colour change of the paint film not in accordance with the performance stated in ISO 105-A02:1993 (E).


4.1. BUCO shall not be liable for:

4.1.1. Previously coated substrates where the existing paint (old paint) has adhesion or inter-coat adhesion failure.

4.1.2. Damage to the coating arising from external causes outside BUCO's control such as, but not limited to, welding or other heating, pollution, mechanical damage, hydrostatic pressure, electrical or electrolyte damage, incorrect cleaning or incorrect use, neglect, fire, explosion, radiation, collision or other accident, acts of God, vandalism or other malicious damage, damage caused due to industrial action, and the like;

4.1.3. The failure of any coating on any areas which because of their shape, characteristics or configuration, present special difficulties in either preparation or coating e.g. roof screws, ladders and ladder platforms, handrails, rivets, crevices and contact surfaces of any kind;

4.1.4. The deterioration of any metal as a result of any form of electrochemical action or chemical action;

4.1.5. Any indirect or consequential damages, losses and expenses such as but not limited to demurrage associated with coating repair work, loss of time, expenses due to the consumer's employees, agents, operators or sub-contractors, loss of profits and all claims by third parties against the consumer;

4.1.6. Damage to the coating arising from deterioration or movement of substrate caused by any other substance or condition.

4.1.7. The failure of any coating as a result of moisture in the substrate. Where moisture levels exceeded 5% on concrete using B4 Scale and 8% on cement plaster using B2 Scale, measured on a Doser Hygrometer.


5.1. In the event of a proven product failure BUCO undertakes to supply free of charge such materials that may be required to rectify the problem. Terms of the guarantee will be for the stated life expectancy commencing on the date of completion of the work and subject to a pro-rata deduction of total cost of rectification based on the original contract price.

5.2. Pro-rata deduction is understood as follows.

5.2.1. The 1st year is guaranteed 100% of the original contract value. The remaining 7 (seven) years will be pro-rata deducted by 14.2% per annum on a reducing contract value to zero at the end of the 8th year period.

5.2.2. The replacement cost shall be the cost of the paint taking the pro-rata deduction into account at the time of the claim based on the original contract value. The consumer shall be liable for the balance of the replacement costs, which are not covered by BUCO, as indicated in clause 4 above.

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