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Tile & Floor Maintenance

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Tile Floor Maintenance

For every kind of tile floor maintenance product brick & grouting sealer to tile top seal, shop at BUCO today. Choose the perfect tile and floor care product for the newly laid or renovated flooring you’ve just put down and be confident that your floors will look amazing and brand new for years to come.

In our Tile Floor care department, you’ll find a range of products for sealing and cleaning tile, stone, laminate and wood flooring. Be sure to ask you friendly BUCO consultant what the right sealer or cleaner to use for your floor types is.

You’ll find an array of the best quality products from some of SA’s leading brands like NOVA and TFC at BUCO online or in store today. Whether you’re ordering a large quantity online in preparation for your commercial flooring job or you just need to pop down to your local store to pick up some sealer, BUCO caters for every need and every eventuality.

Shop Tile Floor Maintenance Online

Which tile floor maintenance products are best to buy?

The best tile floor care products to buy are the ones that have been specifically formulated for your specific type of flooring. For example, you don’t want to use a tile sealant on laminate flooring, or a laminate cleaner on a stone floor. The results will be devastating and completely ruin all your hard work. Choose the right product for your flooring type, every time.

In this department, we distinguish the products into two functions, namely;


Shop for sealing products for floor types at BUCO today. From tile sealer for tiled floors to HP sealer for cement or sandstone floors, you find it all at BUCO now.


From hand cleaner and tile cleaner, to cleaning products for laminate flooring and woods floors, we stock just about every floor cleaning product in this department.

If you’re looking for tile floor care tips as well as floor care tips for other flooring types, chat to your friendly BUCO assistant today. Or contact us online for help and advice too.

In-Store Shopping

If popping down to your local hardware store is necessary and even welcomed for you, then visit your nearest BUCO today. Most of our stores countrywide are open from 8 am to 5 pm, with a team of friendly, knowledgeable staff reading and waiting to help. Find your nearest BUCO store now.

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