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Shop Air Vents Online

Having a well-ventilated ceiling and roof can make the difference between a comfortable room or office and a completely unbearable one. When installing air vents in your roof and ceiling project, be sure to choose a roof ventilation option from a brand you can trust. BUCO is your trusted air ventilator suppliers, with stock of Tornado Turbine air ventilators in a range of sizes to meet every need. So, if you’re installing a number of ventilators for a large commercial project, or just installing one in your home DIY challenge, BUCO should be your go-to roof ventilator suppliers

Search for air vents for sale at BUCO now. We’ve got a wide range of quality roofing products and accessories in our Roofing & Ceiling Department including branded air vents at great prices.

Which air vents are best to buy?

The best air ventilators to buy will depend entirely on the scope of the project you are undertaking. If you’re doing a large commercial project you will need to look at a larger number of ventilators to add into your roof and ceiling to accommodate for the amount of space and people. If you are undertaking a small DIY renovation of a room that requires good ventilation, then perhaps only installing one ventilator would be necessary.

Shop our range of galvanized steel Tornado ventilators in differing sizes like smaller 300mm options to larger 610mm ones. Buy roof ventilators from the suppliers you trust, buy from BUCO today.

What to know about roof ventilation?

Here are a few things to know about properly ventilating your home or office, that could help make sure you install the right amount and type of ventilator today;

  • You can under and over ventilate a room. Too much ventilation can make home energy inefficient by allowing too much air to circulate and too little can create problems like mould or moisture to gather during very hot, rainy seasons.
  • Vents remove warm air and circulate cool air. Many people think a ventilator is important for heating a home. Quite the opposite, it's designed to remove air from a space and take it
  • outside to prevent stagnant air from hanging around a room or home.
  • Ask a specialist. Before you go ahead and install ten vents in a roof that might only require two, consult a specialist first. Consulting an architect or professional builder about the number of vents needed will help make sure you don’t ruin the energy efficiency of a space which could lead to a very cold room in winter or hot room in summer.

Where to buy air vents online?

At BUCO of course – your trusted roof ventilator suppliers. We’ve been around for years and we know a thing or two about building and hardware. You can shop at BUCO easily and conveniently, always knowing that we have a range of quality stock for you to choose from at better than brilliant prices.

Ventilators Supplies

Where to get roof ventilation supplies?

While BUCO guarantees an incredible offering to our walk-in customers and online shoppers, we welcome business-to-business trade as well! If you’re looking for reliable air ventilator suppliers or roof ventilator suppliers, talk to us about quantity with rates and service that are guaranteed to help your offering — and your bottom line. 

We are wholly committed to providing you with a safety-compliant shopping experience, with convenient options that suit the ways you like to shop: 

  • Order online with FREE delivery on purchases over R2000 within a 5km radius of your local store 
  • Order online but collect at the store with our next-day in-store collection service 
  • Shop safely with all protocols in place, in person at your nearest BUCO store with the help of our friendly DIY-enthusiastic staff   

BUCO — let’s build together, safely. 

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