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Cornices & Access

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  1. 2.0m Cornice Ps Dm1402
    2.0m Cornice Ps Dm1402
    from R79.99
  2. Cornice  65x65 (4/Pack) PR15
    Cornice 65x65 (4/Pack) PR15
  3. Cornice  80x80 (4/Pack) PR19
    Cornice 80x80 (4/Pack) PR19
  4. Cornice  80x80 (4/Pack) PR20
    Cornice 80x80 (4/Pack) PR20
  5. Cornice 140mm Roman Majistiq EPS
    Cornice 140mm Roman Majistiq EPS
  6. Cornice 2.0m Rome 68x90 (2/Pack) M02
    Cornice 2.0m Rome 68x90 (2/Pack) M02
  7. Cornice 2.0m Rose 80x80 (2/Pack) M01
    Cornice 2.0m Rose 80x80 (2/Pack) M01
  8. Cornice 2.5m  100x100mm (4/Pack) PR02
    Cornice 2.5m 100x100mm (4/Pack) PR02
  9. Cornice 2.5m  100x100mm (4/Pack) PR04
    Cornice 2.5m 100x100mm (4/Pack) PR04
  10. Cornice 2.5m  100x100mm (4/Pack) PR06
    Cornice 2.5m 100x100mm (4/Pack) PR06
  11. Cornice 2.5m  120x125mm (4/Pack) PR07
    Cornice 2.5m 120x125mm (4/Pack) PR07
  12. Cornice 2.5m  130x130mm (4/Pack) PR08
    Cornice 2.5m 130x130mm (4/Pack) PR08
  13. Cornice 2.5m  75x75mm (4/Pack) PR03
    Cornice 2.5m 75x75mm (4/Pack) PR03
  14. Cornice 2.5m  90x90mm (4/Pack) PR02
    Cornice 2.5m 90x90mm (4/Pack) PR02
  15. Cornice 2.5m  90x90mm (4/Pack) PR05
    Cornice 2.5m 90x90mm (4/Pack) PR05
  16. Cornice 2.5m 3 Step 100x100 (4/Pack) PR13
    Cornice 2.5m 3 Step 100x100 (4/Pack) PR13
  17. Cornice 2.5m 3 Stepped XL (4/Pack) PR11
    Cornice 2.5m 3 Stepped XL (4/Pack) PR11
  18. Cornice 2.5m Rome 68x90 (4/Pack) M02
    Cornice 2.5m Rome 68x90 (4/Pack) M02
  19. Cornice 2.5m Rose 80x80 (4/Pack) M01
    Cornice 2.5m Rose 80x80 (4/Pack) M01
  20. Cornice 2m Basilica Moulded 144.5mm M05 (2/Pack)
    Cornice 2m Basilica Moulded 144.5mm M05 (2/Pack)
  21. Cornice 2m Billow 100 x 45.7 (2/Pack) M08
    Cornice 2m Billow 100 x 45.7 (2/Pack) M08
  22. Cornice 2m Crest 80 x 66.5 (2/Pack) M07
    Cornice 2m Crest 80 x 66.5 (2/Pack) M07
  23. Cornice 2m Damask Moulded 90mm M03 (2/Pack)
    Cornice 2m Damask Moulded 90mm M03 (2/Pack)
  24. Cornice 2m Ivy Moulded 82mm M04 (2/Pack)
    Cornice 2m Ivy Moulded 82mm M04 (2/Pack)
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Shop Cornices Online

No ceiling installation is complete without finishing it off with the perfect cornice. Cornices give a ceiling, and the room as a whole, a finished and sophisticated look not to mention being an integral way of hiding the unsightly join of a ceiling and wall.

Choosing the perfect ceiling cornice can be one of the most fun parts of any installation project. Whether you are choosing a design for your own home or selecting the perfect one with your
clients, you’ll find a range of cornice designs and sizes as well as other accessories for the job like ceiling trap doors, ceiling roses and cornice coves at BUCO online or in-store today.

Get comfortable and browse through the pages of our cornice catalogue at BUCO online now. You’ll see that we have a wide selection of cornice designs and other accessories to make your ceiling installation go smoothly. You’re welcome to visit a BUCO store near you today too and check out what we have in stock for yourself. The choice is all yours.

What is a cornice?

In Italian, a cornice means ledge. This description aptly explains just what a cornice is, in that it is a ledge that joins the ceiling to the wall. It is a decorative piece of moulding that finishes off any ceiling installation to perfection. Cornices come in a huge variety of styles and sizes too.

Which cornices are best to buy?

There is absolutely no one-size-fits-all best buy when it comes to cornices for sale. Choosing the perfect cornice is an individual choice that depends on a lot of factors. When choosing the best
cornice to buy, always take into account;

  • Your personal style or the style of your client
  • Are there existing cornices in the home or office that you need to match up with? Or is this a completely new build?
  • What is the size of the room? A smaller room might be overpowered by large cornices whereas a large, spacious room might need a larger sized cornice to bring the space together.
  • What is your budget? Do you have a budget for your ceiling project and does it include cornices?

As a professional installer or DIY-man or women at home, installing ceilings and cornices can be a very rewarding experience. Trust in BUCO to deliver the best quality materials and accessories to you so that you can enjoy your installation with peace of mind. Order online and we’ll deliver to your home or work site, or buy in-store and take your goodies home with you to begin your project asap.

What are cornices made of?

Cornices are made of polystyrene, although to look at them once they are installed, they look like they are made of a much more robust substance. They are an incredibly cost-effective and versatile material and make a huge impact on the finishing off of a room. Depending on the style of your home and your budget, you’ll be able to find a cornice design that suits your style from modern and contemporary to traditional and rustic too.

Ceiling Accessories

Within the cornice section of our Roofing and Ceiling Department, you’ll also be able to buy accessories and that goes hand-in-hand with ceiling and cornice installations like ceiling roses in a
variety of shapes, designs and sizes. As well as items like ceiling trap doors for access into the ceiling and roof at strategic, necessary points.

Where to buy cornices online?

Get the most competitive cornice prices from BUCO today. You can shop safely online at BUCO now, where’ll you find everything you could possibly need for your roof or ceiling installation today. With a few clicks of the mouse button, all the goods and materials you need for your project or job can be on its way to you. We’ll deliver to your door, in no time at all.

Alternatively, pop into a BUCO near you and shop for all the cornices, ceiling roses, trap doors and other accessories you might need for your ceiling installation in person. We’d love to help you find the perfect cornice design for your project.Find your nearest BUCO store now.

BUCO – let’s build together.

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