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Metal Care

Whether you’re looking for a rust converter, rust remover or heat resistant paint for metal surfaces like fireplaces, you’ll find a huge array of metal care paints and products at BUCO online and in store. In our Metal Care section of our Paint Department, we stock a wide variety of products that can be used when painting on or working with metal.

From anti-rust coating to galvanised iron primer, when you need an excellent quality metal coating paint or primer, shop at BUCO first. You’ll find us in every major city in the country and we also have a fully stocked online store for easy, convenient and safe shopping.

Shop Metal Care Online

Which metal care products are best to buy?

At BUCO, we stock metal finishing products from some of SA’s most well-known brands like Hammerite, ABE, Alcolin, Duram and Powafix. When it comes to buying metal care products or protective coatings for metal, you may have a preference to the brand you like. We suggest always choosing the right product for the metal care job you’re needing to tackle. By choosing the right paint or product, you’re guaranteed to get the best results afterwards.

At BUCO, we stock metal care products for the following uses;

  • Rust Removers
  • Metal Primers
  • Rust Converters
  • Anti-Rust Paint
  • Heat Resistant Paint for metal
  • Meal Topcoats
  • Magnetic Primer
  • Galvanised Iron Cleaner

Apart from metal paints and primers, we also stock a wide range of additional products necessary for most paint jobs. Whether you’re a big-time contractor or just a simple DIY-guy, you’ll be able to find these excellent products at BUCO too;

    • Paint prep materials and products
    • Primers & Undercoats
    • Paint Accessories
    • PVA & Enamel
    • Spray Paint
    • Roof Paint
    • Waterproofing
    • Floor Paint
    • Solvents & Brushware
    • Wood Coatings
  • Colourants & Tints

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