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  1. Pedestal Light 6 Panel Black Eurolux O20B
    Pedestal Light 6 Panel Black Eurolux O20B
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Which outdoor lights are best to buy?

Lighting is the perfect example of where form and function meet, giving you a wide range of options on how you want to bring lighting to an area in ways that meet your lighting needs, style tastes, and preferences. The very same goes for outdoor lights and what BUCO has on offer when it comes to outdoor light fixtures

Beyond finding what you’re looking for in our outdoor lights for sale category, we know that durability will be top of mind too. Our range of options from Eurolux is sturdy and robust, perfectly suitable to weather the elements and bring functionality to the outdoor spaces you’re looking to light. 

BUCO’s selection of 10W, 20W, 30W, and 50W floodlights mean that not only can you choose to brighten your selected area with these outdoor light fixtures — but you can also choose exactly how bright you want to go. And while we also stock the more decorative options of outdoor lights — such as wall-fixture lanterns or pedestal lights — all are perfectly suited to shed light on the desired areas, whether for security purposes, decorative purposes, or both! 

Please remember that working with electrical appliances and currents may be dangerous. We urge you to follow all guidelines and precautions while handling any electrical appliance or consulting a professional whenever you may be unsure. 

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So you can be sure that while you’re searching for outdoor lights for sale, we’ve got you covered. And because your outdoor lights purchases might prompt your needing any number of other supplies (think electrical cabling, screwdrivers, pliers, ladders — you name it, we’ve got it!), our reliable, helpful and enthusiastic BUCO team are on-hand to help, advise and guide you in the right direction. 

With 90 stores countrywide, we’re here to be your proud partner for all-things building-related so that your project is one you complete in time, on brief, and on budget no matter where in Mzansi you are based.  

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