Ground Lights

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Which ground lights are best to buy?

For walkways, patio steps, passages along the side of your house or pathways through and around your garden, outdoor ground lights or brick lighting is a great way to add functionality and safety — with style — to any project around the house. It’s easy to understand why ground lights have grown in popularity across both residential and commercial spaces due to their great versatility and low profile, functional lighting that they provide. 


The exceptional versatility of garden ground lights is that they can be placed on either the vertical or horizontal axis — depending on the particular needs and aesthetics of the areas you are looking to light. 


Using in-ground lights is also a great way to provide unobtrusive lighting; as these are lower than eye level, they give all the advantages of lighting the way without ever creating any direct impact to your eyes. 

You might consider using ground lights to illuminate: 

  • Stairs 
  • Walkways 
  • Around decking and/or patio edges 
  • Around pool areas 

You choose where they’re best for you 

The suggestion to use these as in-ground lights is just a guideline; you should let your creativity guide your plans. Some ground lights work beautifully, recessed into high-up positioning on walls (just below the ceiling for example). 

While you’re thinking about ground lights, remember that our helpful DIY fundis are willing and able to guide you through your ideas, options, and plans. 

Please remember that working with electrical appliances and currents may be dangerous. We urge you to follow all guidelines and precautions while handling any electrical appliance, or consulting a professional whenever you may be unsure. 

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