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Shop Washing Machines and Tumble Dryers Online

Looking for excellent quality washing machines and tumble dryers from well-known brands? Look no further than our range of appliances from BUCO today. You’ll find washing machines for sale as well as tumble dryers in our Home & Décor Department, all of which offer excellence in features, energy efficiency and price.

For some of the most competitive and well-priced washing machine specials, shop at BUCO online today. You’ll also find excellent washing machine prices and tumble dryer specials too.

Which washing machines and tumble dryers are best to buy?

We’ve stocked our shelves with a range of home appliances that every household needs. We’ve given you the choice, and the decision as to which one is the best to buy is entirely up to you. Here’s a bit more information on washing machines and tumble dryers that you should know before buying the right one for you;

Washing Machines

Washing machines are compact, home appliances that wash clothes and other laundry. It’s an appliance that makes use of water and detergent to circle the clothes around in order to get them clean.

Tumble Dryers

This appliance is also a household appliance that uses hot air to remove moisture from clothes and dry them in the process. It draws air in from around it and heats the air through its filters.

What to know before buying this kind of appliance?

There are a few key things to know before buying yourself a tumble dryer or washing machine besides just price. If you’re shopping online or in-store with us, we’ll gladly give you the answers to these excellent questions to help you find out which is the best option to buy;

What size is the machine?

Be sure to first have measured the size of the space you have under your counters to place a washing machine or tumble dryer into. Most standard machines are 850mm high, 600mm wide, and 600mm deep but some have been customised to be smaller and more compact. Ask what the size of the machine you’re interested in is.

What functions does the machine offer?

Each machine will come with its own range of settings and performance functions. From easy-care to woollens and from regular to high speed, it’s important to know what your machine can and can’t do. This will help you make an informed decision as to if the appliance is right for you.

What kind of energy efficiency rating does it have?

We live in a time when it’s important that we use the most efficient appliances we can. Tumble Dryers are notorious energy-wasters, but you can find brands that do their best to be as energy-efficient as possible. Make sure you find out what the rating is and this will also allow you to know how much electricity each appliance will pull when in use.

What is the price?

More importantly, is the price of this machine in my budget? Cheaper isn’t always better and blowing your budget is not wise either. Make sure you have a clear idea of the ballpark figure you have to spend when looking for an appliance like this and stick to it.

What is the warranty and returns policy?

At BUCO, we have a robust customer returns policy that protects both the consumer and us. Make sure you understand what the warranty on the tumble dryer for sale you are buying or the washing machine too. Take a look at our Customer Returns Policy now, most especially when buying online.

Where to buy washing machines and tumble dryers online?

You can safely and securely shop at BUCO online from the comfort of your home. Find your favourite couch or spot at home, make sure you have a delicious cup of coffee in hand, and spend time browsing the huge array of hardware, buildware and homeware goods and appliances we have on offer.

You can also pop into your nearest BUCO outlet. We have stores across the country from Brackenfell to Brits. Find your nearest BUCO store now.

BUCO – let’s build together.

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