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Small Appliances

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  1. Filter Bottle 700ml Jojo JJBOTTLE-W-1-Z
    Filter Bottle 700ml Jojo JJBOTTLE-W-1-Z
  2. Filter Inline  Jojo JJ-RV01
    Filter Inline Jojo JJ-RV01
  3. Filter Screen 480mm Jojo
    Filter Screen 480mm Jojo
  4. Filter UnderSink Unit - Twin Stage Jojo JJ-US-PPD2
    Filter UnderSink Unit - Twin Stage Jojo JJ-US-PPD2
  5. Filter Bottle Replacement JJ-FILTER-W-1-Z
    Filter Bottle Replacement JJ-FILTER-W-1-Z
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  6. Filter Counter Top Unit - Twin Stage Jojo JJ-CT-PPD2
    Filter Counter Top Unit - Twin Stage Jojo JJ-CT-PPD2
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  7. Filter Jug Jojo - White  JJ-KF-203D
    Filter Jug Jojo - White JJ-KF-203D
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In our Home & Décor Department, we stock a wide range of small appliances that can often be forgotten by homeware retailers. We all need and use a variety of small appliances in our homes and offices each day, but when it comes to buy a new one or get gadgets for them, we’re not sure where to look.

Well, thanks to BUCO, you only have to look in one place thanks to our range of quality small appliances for sale in this section. From Water Filter Jug Units and Undercounter Filters to accessories like filter replacements and filter screens, we have it all stocked in the small appliances online department.

Pick out what you need in our small appliances store online, put it in your shopping basket, and securely check out. Your goods will be delivered to your door in no time at all. You’re welcome to come in and check out the small appliances on sale at your local BUCO store too.

Shop Small Appliances Online

Which small appliances are best to buy?

When it comes to water filtration units, the proof really is in the tasting. The units we stock are all from leading brands that offer excellence in water filtration systems. In South Africa, we have some of the most potable water of any third world country, however, the experts say we do need to filter our water to take out the harmful chemicals and bacteria that could exist.

In our small appliances section, you’ll find water filtration systems for both the home and office in a variety of designs, colours, and price ranges. Have a look at what we have on offer now;


Buy a stand-alone jug water filtration system which is perfect to keep on your kitchen counter, desk, or outside on your patio counter. Keep it constantly filled up with tap water, and let the filtration system work its magic.

Undercounter & Counter Top

You’ll find both undercounter units and units that stand on top of your kitchen counters in this department. Both connect easily to your kitchen taps, filtering the water before it comes out, which in turn then allows you to get fresh, filtered water through your taps.


Most of us keep a bottle of water in our cars or in our bags for hydration on the go. Buy yourself, your children, and your partner a water bottle with a built-in filter to ensure you have revitalized water in the go too.


Shop for all the filter screens and replacement filters for all our small appliances at BUCO online or in-store now.

Where to buy small appliances online?

At BUCO, for sure! We make buying everything you need for your building project, DIY home renovation, or home and décor needs really simple.

You can shop with us online at our jam-packed online store. We’ve stocks our virtual shelves full of small appliances and other appliances too. We also have a wide range of stock like dishwashers, gas heaters, stoves, fridges, and freezers available in our Gas Appliances section too. Shop for everything you need in Home & Décor, safely and securely online with BUCO today.

You can also shop with us in-store too. We have a huge listing of stores across every region in South Africa. From Eastern Cape to North West, you’ll find a friendly, local BUCO store near you today. Find your nearest BUCO store now.

BUCO – let’s build together.

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