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Shop Heaters Online

During the chilly South African winter, it’s wise to have a heater or a few heaters ready and waiting for that first cold snap to hit. Reliable, safe, and good quality heaters for sale, are what you will find when browsing for these appliances at BUCO online now.

We have a range of oil heaters, electric heaters, and gas heaters for sale at BUCO online and in-store today. We stock appliances from some of South Africa’s best-known brands and we only stock heater brands that we know and trust.

Stock up for winter now with the best heater price in town at BUCO. You’ll find our range of heaters in the Home Décor Department at your local outlet or search under Home Décor, Gas Appliances on our website and you’ll find the perfect heater for your interior and exterior needs.

Which heaters are best to buy?

Knowing which heater is best to buy is very dependant on what you need the heater for. Do you need a large gas heater to keep guests in your patio warm? Or do you need a strong electric bathroom heater to keep the chill off the bathroom during the coldest months?

Here is an overview of the heater types we have available at BUCO;

Outdoor & Patio

We have a range of large, gas heaters with 9kg gas bottle capabilities that are excellent to place on your outdoor patio or for restaurant owners wanting to heat an outdoor space. They are powerful and give off a large amount of heat thanks to their mushroom-shaped canopies. You’ll also find different designs for gas heaters for the patio online too. We also have a range of paraffin heaters that are perfect for the outdoors or for that camping trip you’re planning.

Bathroom Heaters

We stock two and four-lamp bathroom heaters from the well-known brand Eurolux. These electric heaters can be attached to the wall and give off a large amount of heat. They are perfect for large, open-plan bathrooms that need direct heating for the cold winter months.

Safety tips when using gas heaters

A lot of accidents occur when using heaters, especially gas heaters. Here are a few tips to use to ensure safety when using heaters of all kinds;

  1. When using a heater always make sure someone is monitoring the heater, especially when there are small children and babies around. Children are inquisitive and they want to touch in order to learn, adult supervision is always a must when the heater is on.
  2. If you’re using a gas heater, make sure the connections are properly attached and that everything is connected well.
  3. When using a new gas bottle make sure the safety seal is still intact and the bottle has not been tampered with.
  4. When you connect the new gas bottle to the heater, check that all connections are inserted tightly and turn it on to test if you can smell any leaking gas from the area.
  5. Have your appliances like a gas stove and gas heaters checked by a professional every year to make sure all the seals and units are in proper working order.
  6. Always keep a small window open when using a gas heater indoors and if you smell gas, immediately turn all connections off and call a professional for help.
  7. Never go to bed with a gas heater running unattended.

For more information on Gas Safety, click here

Where to buy heaters online?

Your one-stop shop for all thing’s appliance-related, go to BUCO online today. We stock the widest range of appliances like heaters for the home and outdoors from well-known, top quality brands.

Browse the BUCO online store now and pick up everything you need for your DIY or professional building or renovation project now. Whether you’re revamping the entire house or just stocking up on heaters for the winter, you’ll find it all at BUCO online now.

We are also available in person at a BUCO store near you. We have outlets located across the country, with sales consultants that are trained to help you find the homeware, buildware and home décor goods and appliances you need. Find your nearest BUCO store now.

We’re here to help

At BUCO, we want to help you build. Our vision is, Let’s Build Together, and we want you to become our partner and not just another customer. At BUCO, we’re more than just a building supply company, we are your stockist for everything you could possibly need in the home. Shop with us online or in-store now to find out more.

BUCO – let’s build together.

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