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Shop Fridges and Freezers Online

No matter where you go in the world, there is guaranteed to be a fridge or freezer in the house. They are essential appliances for the 21st century world, keeping our food and condiments cool and fresh as well as goodies like meat and ready-made meals, frozen. You wouldn’t be South African if you didn’t have some boerewors stocked in your freezer or some Mrs. Balls Chutney sitting in your fridge, right?

Important appliances like fridges and freezers are just some of the wonderful appliances we stock in our Home Décor Department at BUCO online. Whether you need building sand or cement, a light bulb, paint, or even fridges and freezers; you’ll find it all under one roof at BUCO online today.

We also stock a range of homeware, buildware, home décor items and other goods at a BUCO store near you. There’s guaranteed to be a BUCO outlet close to home, so pop by and see what fridges for sale we have in stock or even a stand-alone freezer too.

Which fridges and freezers are best to buy?

Whether you’re looking for a bar fridge, a standalone fridge or freezer, or a fridge freezer combo, check what we have at BUCO first for the most competitive pricing on the market. We might also have a few camping fridge/freezer combos for that weekend in the bush too.

Ask your local BUCO Home Décor Department consultant for the best fridge price now, or browse our specials at BUCO online too.

What to look for in a good fridge and freezer?

When we ask, many people are not really sure what they’re looking for when it comes to a good fridge or freezer. Here are a few simple tips to read before jumping into buying such an appliance to help you figure out exactly what you need;

What do you need the appliance for?

What exactly will you be needing the fridge or freezer for? Is it simply to store drinks on the patio? Are you single and need a small enough fridge/freezer for one or two people? Or, are you a large family of four or more and in need of a double-door fridge and standalone freezer to hold all the fresh and frozen goodies for your hungry bunch?

Knowing exactly what you need in this kind of appliance is the first step to knowing which type of brand you need to look at.

What’s your price range?

You can spend as little or as much as possible on a fridge. The sky really is the limit, with the top of the range units costing thousands of Rands. Be sure to know what you can afford and look around to know what competitive prices are out there for the brands you’re looking at.

How much space do you have?

It is no good looking at buying a large double-door fridge when you only have enough space for a bar fridge. Make sure you measure the space you’d like your fridge or freezer to sit in, taking measurements for width, length and height into consideration.

Important Features

What features do you want in your appliance? Would you like it to be as eco-efficient as possible with a good energy-saving grading? Should it have a water or ice dispenser built-in? How many wracks or baskets for storage do you want? It’s imperative to know these tiny little things before buying your home or office fridge and freezer.

Where to buy fridges and freezers online?

You can safely and securely shop at BUCO online, knowing that our site is fully protected against hackers and criminals. Make yourself a good cup of coffee or crack open a Castle, sit down in your favourite armchair, and spend all the time you want browsing through the large array of appliances from leading brands that we have available. We’ll deliver all your purchases to your door, office, or construction site with ease and we also have a very easy-to-follow customer returns policy too.

If you still like the old school way of driving to your local store and walking around, browsing at the shelves, then we’d love to have you. Ask for a Home Décor Department sales consultant to show you the appliances we have in stock and be sure to look through the huge range of additional items we have in store. Find your nearest BUCO store now.

At BUCO, we see you as a partner

We have no customers in our opinion, you’re all partners. We want to help you build, decorate, or renovate your home and as your partner, it’s our job to make sure you have all the possible stock you could need to get any job done.

BUCO – let’s build together.

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