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Shop Cooker Hoods and Extractors Online

Looking for cooker hoods and extractors to install about your oven? Shop at BUCO online today and you’ll find a range of cooker hoods for sale as well as extractor fans too, in a range of sizes from some of South Africa’s leading brands.

These cleverly designed devices help to take the messy, smelly odours and fumes out of the kitchen while cooking. They help to keep the area smoke and fume-free, allowing you to rustle up your family favourites in peace.

When you think of BUCO, we’re pretty sure you don’t think of kitchen appliances like extractor fans first do you? Well, we’re not just a building and hardware supply chain, but rather we’re your one-stop shop for all that you could possibly need in home décor and DIY too.

Which cooker hoods and extractors are best to buy?

Before deciding which cooker hood, extractors or combination of both is right for your needs, let’s understand a bit about what each unit is, the difference between the two, and to DIY install it at home.

What is a cooker hood or extractor fan?

A cooker hood– otherwise known as a kitchen hood or exhaust hood – is installed above a stove or oven. It contains an inbuilt fan which, when turning, is able to suck the air up above the stove and remove grease, fumes, smoke, steam and heat away from the cooking surface.

An extractor fan works on exactly the same principle but it includes a filtration system too. Extractor fans work by means of an air filtration system that draws the air up and through air and grease filters that exist inside it. The air is then filtered clean and sent back into your kitchen via another duct.

The only difference between the two is that one filters the air before sending it back into your kitchen and one doesn’t.

At BUCO we stock a range of hoods and extractor fans for the kitchen depending on the price point you’re willing to pay as well as the amount of space you have available to install it.

What to know when installing it?

Most units come with excellent DIY installation guides but it is always good to know a few points before installing these kinds of units and electrical equipment devices in your home;


  • Make sure you’ve measured correctly and you have bought the right size appliance for your needs. Once you’ve bought the unit from a BUCO store or online, double-check your measurements again before you open the packaging just to make sure.
  • Switch the electricity supply off. While you are prepping and installing the extractor fan area and installing it, make sure the power supply to the kitchen area you are working on is off.
  • Follow the DIY installation guide in a detailed and step-by-step manner. Take your time.
  • If in doubt or if you’re struggling, rather call in an electrician or electrical expert to help you. You don’t want to damage the unit or the area around it.

Now that you know what you’re looking for and the safety features around installing it, it’s time to choose the cooker hood with extractor kit or separate units of each.

Where to buy cooker hoods and extractors online?

Take your choice of BUCO stores near you. We have outlets and stores in every major province and town in the country. From Acornhoek to Thabazimbi, you’ll find a local BUCO packed to the brim with hardware, buildware, and homeware goodies just for you. Whether you’re a professional contractor or DIY-enthusiast, make BUCO your first port of call for all your building and renovation needs. Find your nearest BUCO store now.

If you’d prefer to shop online from the comfort of your home, then BUCO online is just for you. We have stocked our online shelves with a variety of items, devices, appliances, and accessories, making sure we have everything you might need for every project.

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