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Shop Gas Air Conditioners and Heat Pump Heaters Online

Many South Africans will tell you that the reason they love the country so much is the awesome climate we have. Nine months of summer sunshine with a few short cold months in between make SA one of the best countries to live in, weatherwise. However, with the wonderful heat comes the need for air conditioners and heat pump heaters. Keeping your bedrooms, living spaces and office spaces cool is an essential part of maintaining a balanced temperature throughout the summer months.

We stock a wide range of heat pumps and air conditioners for sale at BUCO. If you’re looking for a small, stand-alone air conditioner perfect for cooling a small room, or a larger installable unit to cool a much larger space, you’ll find it online or in-store with us today.

We’ve thought of everything when it comes to homeware and stock a huge range of items, appliances, and accessories in our Home Décor Department. From curtains and post boxes to towels and home cleaning products, you’ll literally find something for every homeware desire at BUCO.

Which air conditioners and heat pump heaters are best to buy?

Deciding which is the best air conditioner or heat pump often depends on need, application and price. First of all, let’s understand what each unit is and how it works;

What is an air conditioner?

An air conditioner is an electrically powered unit that removes hot air from inside a home or office and transfers it outside. It then uses a refrigerant or cooling agent to pump air from outside back in, but first, it cools the air down so that it is pumping cold air into the room. There are many different systems with varying complexities such as standing units that simply remove hot air from inside and pumps it outside to more complex central air-conditioning systems as we see in larger office blocks and buildings.

What is a heat pump heater?

Despite what it sounds like, a heat pump heater is designed to both heat and cool your home. This type of heating/cooling unit is particularly energy-efficient and generates the same amount of heat for the amount of electricity it uses.

Uses and functions of air conditioners and heat pump heaters?

There are many reasons to buy an air conditioner and heat pump especially in South Africa, here are a few of our favourite reasons;

  • Having an air conditioner reduces the amount of pollen in the air thereby reduced the risk of asthmas attacks and allergic reactions.
  • You’ll be able to close the windows and doors when you have a heat pump or air conditioner running which means pests like insects, bugs and parasites will not enter.
  • A cooler room actually makes for better sleep. When you install an aircon in your room it can drastically improve your sleep, especially on those hot summer nights.
  • Installing an air conditioning unit in your home, children’s room, or offices can improve concentration and work performance due to the cooler air not making people feel lethargic and slow.

Take a look at the range of units and devices we have available in this department now; you’ll certainly be spoilt for choice.

Where to buy air conditioners and heat pump heaters online?

You have a few options from the BUCO team when it comes to buying a cooling unit. Shop online with us today and take your time browsing through our appliances section in the Home Décor Department. Once you’ve decided on the exact unit and accessories you need, put it in your shopping basket and securely check out. We’ll deliver your order to your door in a few days.

You’ll also be able to come into a local BUCO store and search through the units in stock. A friendly sales consultant, from the Home Décor Department, will gladly assist you in your search. We’ll give you all the details you need to know about the appliances you’re keen to buy. Find your nearest BUCO store now.

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