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Rivets, screws, drywall plugs, bolts and more, fasteners are a practical way to join two surfaces together — but in a way that may not be intended to be altogether permanent. That doesn’t mean fastener types aren’t a safe and secure join, it just means that these offer you ways that mean they can easily be undone at a later stage, should you need to. 

If your challenge is about holding two objects together (whether short, medium, or long-term), then fasteners are definitely the beginning of your solution. The list of fastener types is vast and BUCO has a wide range for all sorts of needs. The reason there are so many on offer is to provide you with the best solution based on the need you’re looking to fulfil; a short fastener will be of far more use to you than a larger chunky one should you be working in a small space or on a thin surface. So it stands to reason then that if you’re looking to bind two more solid components together or support heavier weights, you’re going to need something that can reach a greater depth — and that offers its own strength too. 

Which fasteners are best to buy?

From your building or DIY requirements to your specific budget, you should start by determining your intention before you set out to buy fasteners so that you know which are going to be the right options for you. 

  1. Are you putting up a shelf and need to support it from within the wall? 
  2. Are you joining two separate materials (wood) together? 
  3. What depth (length) does the fastener need to reach? 
  4. How much weight needs to be supported, i.e. how strong do the fasteners need to be? 

Where to buy fasteners online?

At BUCO! Let us help you source the fasteners you need from a wide range of fastener types. Browse and buy fasteners through our online store that includes visual references and sizes in a range of options. See what’s on promotion, compare prices, and simply make your purchasing decisions by adding the selected items to your basket. And with our 3 - 5 day delivery time, you’ll be completing your projects before you know it. 

If you would like to avoid the queues and do your shopping online but collect your inventory at the store, take advantage of our next-day in-store collection service. Don’t forget that you can enjoy free delivery on purchases over R2000 within a 5km radius. 

Shop In-Store 

If you would prefer to browse our products in person, we welcome you to your nearest BUCO store where our friendly staff are ready and waiting to offer you knowledgeable, friendly assistance. We understand how the COVID pandemic has changed the way you may want to shop which is why we guarantee you our commitment to the strictest safety protocols. Come and see us and let us help you find the right fastener types that are relevant to your needs, based on the projects you’ve set out to complete. Find your nearest BUCO store now

BUCO - let’s build together, safely. 

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