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  1. Adhesive Acrylic 5l
    Adhesive Acrylic 5l
    from R379.99
  2. Adhesive Acrylic White 2l
    Adhesive Acrylic White 2l
    from R184.99
  3. Adhesive Acrylic White 310ml
    Adhesive Acrylic White 310ml
    from R41.99
  4. Adhesive Multi Purpose  2l MultiFlor
    Adhesive Multi Purpose 2l MultiFlor
    from R194.99
  5. Alcolin Artificial Grass Adhesive 5l
    Alcolin Artificial Grass Adhesive 5l
    from R619.00
  6. Alcolin Clear 50ml Blister
    Alcolin Clear 50ml Blister
    from R44.99
  7. Alcolin Cold Glue 125ml 041-40
    Alcolin Cold Glue 125ml
    from R42.99
  8. Alcolin Cold Glue    1l 041-70
    Alcolin Cold Glue 1l
    from R169.99
  9. Alcolin Cold Glue 2.5l
    Alcolin Cold Glue 2.5l
    from R344.99
  10. Alcolin Cold Glue 250ml 041-55
    Alcolin Cold Glue 250ml
    from R69.99
  11. Alcolin Cold Glue 500ml 041-60
    Alcolin Cold Glue 500ml
    from R69.00
  12. Alcolin Cold Glue    5l 041-90
    Alcolin Cold Glue 5l Bucket
    from R374.99
  13. Contact Adhesive 1l Alcolin 045-72
    Alcolin Contact Adhesive 1l
    from R209.99
  14. Contact Adhesive 250ml Alcolin 045-50
    Alcolin Contact Adhesive 250ml
    from R84.99
  15. Alcolin Contact Adhesive 25ml
    Alcolin Contact Adhesive 25ml
    from R22.99
  16. Contact Adhesive 2l Alcolin 045-81
    Alcolin Contact Adhesive 2l
    from R364.99
  17. Contact Adhesive 500ml Alcolin 045-62
    Alcolin Contact Adhesive 500ml
    from R134.99
  18. Contact Adhesive  50ml Alcolin 045-20
    Alcolin Contact Adhesive 50ml
    from R37.98
  19. Contact Adhesive    5l Alcolin 045-92
    Alcolin Contact Adhesive 5l
    from R399.00
  20. Alcolin Contact Adhesive 90ml
    Alcolin Contact Adhesive 90ml
    from R55.99
  21. Cornice Adhesive 280ml Alcolin  038-28
    Alcolin Cornice Adhesive 280ml
    from R41.99
  22. Cornice Adhesive   2kg Alcolin 038-02
    Alcolin Cornice Adhesive 2kg
    from R154.99
  23. Cornice Adhesive   5kg Alcolin 038-05
    Alcolin Cornice Adhesive 5kg
    from R269.00
  24. Alcolin Cornice Adhesive Heat Resistant 5kg
    Alcolin Cornice Adhesive Heat Resistant 5kg
    from R344.99
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Shop Adhesives Online 

Adhesives come in a wonderfully broad range of offerings. Why? Well because there are so many different possibilities when it comes to the options of things you could be looking at binding together. From heavy-duty construction to DIY projects and even arts and crafts, there are adhesive types for every challenge you face, and whether you prefer to shop in-store or buy adhesives online — we’ve got you covered. 

Which adhesives are best to buy?

Adhesive types vary greatly because of the different solutions required for different kinds of challenges. It would be excessive to use a solvent weld to affix a sheet of paper to a noticeboard when you could just use Prestik. Still, both of these are technically categorized as adhesives

In construction, adhesives are non-metallic materials used to (permanently) join surfaces together. These adhesives allow you or your construction workers to bind materials together while distributing the stress-load of the join more evenly (compared to this being on more focused areas when using expansion bolts, for example). 

A great example of this would be tiles. You wouldn’t want to affix tiles to your wall or floor using nails, screws or bolts would you? The liquidity/texture of an adhesive allows you to spread it evenly across the underside’s surface and maximise the surface area of grip. 

The most common types of adhesives in construction are: 

  • Polymer adhesives 
  • Acrylic adhesives 
  • Hot-melt adhesives 
  • Resin adhesives 
  • Anaerobic adhesives 

At BUCO, we are proud of the curated, accessible ranges we have on offer. So if you aren’t sure that your adhesive needs are as robust as some of these examples might sound, talk to us about your plans and let’s see if we can help you find the right solution from our range of adhesive types for you. 

From PVC weld, Evo-Stik, Mount-It, and contact adhesives from competitive brands at competitive prices in 250ml, 500ml, 1L, and 5L options, to even Prestik and Bostik’s Shoe Repair, our range adhesives for sale is your answer. 

Where to buy adhesives online?

For all adhesive types, look no further than BUCO! Browse our range of options through our online store. Compare product ranges and prices while you consider what’s on promotion, and simply make your purchasing decisions by adding the selected items to your basket. Remember that you can enjoy free delivery on purchases over R2000 within a 5km radius. 

BUCO - let’s build together, safely. 

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