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Which batteries are best to buy?

Present in so many gadgets and devices in our lives today, batteries are a power source that consists of one or more electrochemical cells with external connections used for powering many types of devices, from torches and clocks to remote controls, watches, your computer’s mouse, some toothbrushes, portable radios and more. 

With almost 90 different types of batteries for sale from BUCO, you can be sure that the different types of battery sizes and uses can be resolved from what we have available. 

Batteries come in a variety of sizes based on the device they are intended for. At BUCO, we stock: 

  • Battery coins 
  • Battery Max 9V 
  • Battery Max AA 
  • Battery Max AAA 
  • Battery Max C 
  • Battery MAx D 
  • Battery Pack 18.OV 
  • Battery Plus Power 9V 
  • Battery Plus Power C 
  • Battery Plus Power DCEL 
  • Battery Terminals 
  • Battery USB Adaptor  
  • Heavy Duty Battery Clamps 
  • 12V Batteries 
  • 12V Battery charger 
  • 18V Battery charger 
  • Battery charger 8A 
  • Battery charger 6A 
  • Battery chargers for AA and AAA batterie

…and more! 

When it comes to consumer-based batteries, our most prominent offers include Energizer and Duracell for your convenience, at prices that range accordingly based on pack sizes. 

Shop Batteries Online 

Where can I buy batteries online?

If your search for batteries near me or batteries for sale has brought you to BUCO, you’re in good hands. With close to 100 different items across a range of sizes and competitive prices, you’ll be supercharged with choice for sure. 

Browse our range of batteries for sale in our online store, compare brands and prices while you consider what’s on promotion, and simply make your purchasing decisions by adding the selected items to your basket. 

Find your nearest BUCO store now.

BUCO - let’s build together, safely. 

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