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They can be the first thing that people notice when entering a home. They can frame a room or an outdoor living space. They are often the most underrated home décor item on the menu. What are they? Doors, of course.

Doors are not only very practical and essential elements for every home, but they can be décor statement pieces that really show off a homeowner’s personality and tastes perfectly too. Looking for doors for sale that are excellently priced and made to last? Shop the BUCO range of options now and you’ll be amazed at the different door designs we offer. From functional, sturdy aluminium internal doors to ornate, wooden entrance doors, you’ll find the style and type of door you need for every necessity at BUCO online or in-store.

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Which doors are best to buy?

The best doors to buy depends a lot on what you need the door for. Entrance doors can be both stylish and functional, whereas garage doors also need to be built to last and withstand elements like rain or sunshine. When you shop for doors online, be sure to know the answer to these questions first;

  1. What type of door do you need?
  2. What are the measurements of the door you need? What size should the door be?
  3. What material do you want the door to be made in?
  4. How many doors do you need?
  5. What is your budget?

Once you know what you want, shop at one of SA’s leading doors suppliers now; BUCO of course. We’ll make sure you get the unit you need in the right size and material you need it for. We’ll also do our best to get you’re the right price too.

Take a look at the variety of doors we have in stock now;

Entrance Doors

In need of an entrance door that is both secure and nice to look at? Shop our range now and you’ll be able to find a variety of options in materials like wood, hardwood, hardboard and aluminium now.

Internal Doors

Choose from our variety of internal doors in differing colours and sizes now. We stock a wide array of options to choose from that are marked at the best prices in the business.

Patio Doors

Frame your outdoor living space in style with aluminium sliding doors from BUCO today. Turn your home into a modern mecca of style thanks to our well-made sliders in white or brown.

Garage Doors

Get strong, dependable garage doors from BUCO today. We stock options which you can install yourself and which come in the aluminium or wood-grain look.

Where to buy doors online?

If you’d prefer to come in and see what we have in the Doors Department for yourself, visit us at an outlet near you. We have BUCO stores all over South Africa, with a variety of stock you need. Whether you’re a professional contractor that needs large quantities, or a DIY-guy renovating your own home; we’re happy to help. Find your nearest BUCO store now.

BUCO – let’s build together.

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