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  1. Stone 13mm 40kg
    Stone 13mm 40kg
  2. Stone 13mm  40kg Afrisam 5137
    Stone 13mm 40kg Afrisam 5137
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Building Stone 

Which building stone is best to buy?

Are you looking for a building stone that you can mix as/with cement to make sturdy concrete? 

You will want building stone that is hard, durable, and tough, which is why — along with the plentiful categories we can be trusted in — BUCO should be considered as your very own, trusted building stone suppliers with reliable building stone for sale that will fit into your building plans with ease. 

Our 40kg bag of 13mm stone is ideal for: 

  • smaller building projects where you might be mixing concrete by hand or even with a small concrete mixer 
  • use in the concrete industry for the production of concrete roads, pavements, walkways, and housing lintels 
  • uses in garden landscaping, drainage, and cavity filling

BUCO’s building stone is ready to use as “clean” stone that is free of dirt, twigs, and other foreign matter. While you’re looking to use your stone as concrete to fill a specified area, remember to get everything ready so you don’t waste resources. 

Be prepared with: 

  • Water hosepipe 
  • Bucket 
  • Shovel 
  • Wheelbarrow 

If you are using the stone as concrete (which will be poured into a form or hollow in the ground), you can determine how much concrete you will need by working out how much cubic metre of concrete you will need. To do this, you multiply the width by the depth by the length. 

If of course you are planning to use your building stone for decorative or landscaping purposes, then it’s ready to use as-is from the bag — and as per your own personal design and decor preferences. 

Shop Building Stone Online 

Where to buy building stone online?

While you’re browsing our building stone for sale, you couldn’t be in better hands than you are with us at BUCO! And not just as your building stone suppliers mind you, all the parts that come before and after too for all around — inside and out — the home, office, warehouse, and more! From our day-to-day contractors to our DIY enthusiasts — we have the merchandise and expertise to help you create a masterpiece. We offer a wide range of products from well-known tool brands, to hardware, electrical, and plumbing products — ready to take on any challenge, whether it’s on-site or at home. 


BUCO - let’s build together, safely. 

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