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Cement or semi-concrete flooring has become very popular in South African homes and offices in the last few years. These kinds of floors and surfaces are gorgeous to look at, functional, warm in the sun and very easy to maintain and clean. They are an ideal choice for many homeowners with small children and animals who want an easy way of living without worrying about carpet stains, and also for businesses that want flooring or waling that looks contemporary, modern and are excellent for areas with lots of foot traffic, so if you’re looking for oxide colours suppliers South Africa, you can count on BUCO. 

Oxides are used to stain or pigment cement to a desired colour other than the mottled grey that is cement’s base colour. When you add oxide powder to cement, it colours the cement and gives it a hue of your choice. From brown and yellow to red and green, as your trusted oxide pigments suppliers, we can assure you that the sky’s the limit when it comes to choosing a pigment powder that works with your colour scheme and style.

Shop at BUCO – your go-to pigment powder suppliers – for a range of concrete colour powders or oxides in sizes from 500g to 5kgs. We also stock Plaster of Paris powder in this department too.

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Which oxide is best to buy?

When you’re prepping for a painting or surfacing job, considering which oxide is best to buy will really come down to the style you are hoping to achieve. As pigment powder suppliers across a wide selection, consider the following to help you decide which option is best:


2First thing first, style! Knowing what kind of style you are going for in the home or office you are building or renovating will help you move on to the next step, which is colour. Is the home you’re redoing a beach-style home in which case floors that are grey, white or cream would work well? Are you wanting to stain a wall in a Moroccan-style home? Then you could perhaps look at the variety of shades like orange, yellow or red. Know your style first.


Once you’re clear on style, choosing the right colour is much easier. At BUCO, you’ll be able to choose a range of oxide powders in primary colours like red, yellow, green and blue or alternative options like black metal, brown or white.


Then, it’s time to decide how much you need. Measure the square meters of the surface you’ll be painting on or laying the cement on and we’ll be able to suggest the right amount of powder for your needs.

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Where can I buy oxide?

While BUCO guarantees an incredible offering to our walk-in customers and online shoppers, we welcome business-to-business trade as well! If you’re looking for reliable oxide colours suppliers South Africa from reputable pigment powder suppliers, talk to us about quantity with rates and service that are guaranteed to help your offering — and your bottom line. 

We are wholly committed to providing you with a safety-compliant shopping experience, with convenient options that suit the ways you like to shop: 

  • Order online with FREE delivery on purchases over R2000 within a 5km radius of your local store 
  • Order online but collect at the store with our next-day in-store collection service 
  • Shop safely with all protocols in place, in person at your nearest BUCO store with the help of our friendly DIY-enthusiastic staff   

BUCO — let’s build together, safely. 

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