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Get great deals on all your building materials needs today at BUCO including glass bricks, face brick, and plaster and block bricks too. We stock a range of differing brick materials and products to help you build better together. We are, after all, your partner in all things hardware and build ware related, which means we have to offer you the best quality at the best prices too. From home DIY-builds to largescale office or commercial projects, you’ll be able to get bricks for sale in a variety of forms from BUCO.

Shop for glass bricks for the bathroom, kitchen or office areas where privacy is essential and light will not be left out. Shop for face brick that can withstand the harsh SA climate and offer longevity at the same time, or get standard clay bricks or plaster blocks at BUCO online right now. If you know what kind of building bricks for sale you need in the quantity you need them in, then ordering online is the most efficient and effective way to shop today.

Which bricks are best to buy?

Depending on your building design and style, the best bricks to buy are the ones that are of the best quality and the most competitive prices. From standard cement bricks delivered in batches of 1000, to individual glass bricks for decorative wall inlays, the right brick to buy would all depend on the design of the home or commercial park you are renovating or building new.

Here are a few questions to help you decide which bricks are best to buy:

  1. What type of brick do I require for my build?
  2. What size and material do I require?
  3. What is the square meter area of the build i.e. how many bricks does this equate to, to cover the square meter space?
  4. Do I need additional building materials like lintels, plaster, cement, reinforcing etc to complete the build including the bricks?

Online Shopping

Looking for a brick supplier near me? Well, why not order online and no matter where you are in South Africa, we’ll deliver your bricks to your doorstep. It won’t have to matter whether you live near a store or not. Shop for the glass, cement, face, or clay bricks you need in the quantities you need them quickly and easily online now.

In-Store Shopping

Come in and order your brick quantities at a local BUCO today. No matter where you might be building or renovating in SA, there is guaranteed to be a BUCO store around the corner today. Find your nearest BUCO store now.

BUCO – let’s build together.

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