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Structural Timber

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Structural timber is an often-unseen product that plays a very important role when building private homes, residential spaces, and commercial spaces too. Structural timber is often found in roofs and ceilings to give strength to the build and ensure that the roof has something on which to sit. Wood beams can also be used to bring strength and structure to windows and doorways too.

At BUCO, we stock a huge range of structural timber products in a variety of sizes, lengths, widths and shapes for all types of building requirements. Whether you’re a professional builder tackling a large-scale building project or a DIY-guy with an engineering and building mind, you’ll find the right size and strength structural timber for sale at BUCO today.

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What is a structural timber?

Structural timber is used by professional builders - and even some DIY-guys who know what they’re doing – to bring strength to a build or area like windows, doorways, roofs, and ceilings. Structural timber is manufactured to be extremely strong and to be used for a variety of building needs.

Structural timber is usually cut in a plank form that can be cut to a variety of different sizes depending on the needs of the builder or it can be available already cut to specific sizes and almost pre-packed.

Which structural timber is best to buy?

Buying the best structural timber is reliant mainly on the sizing you need. The best timber to buy will be the one that fits your needs according to plan.

When working off architectural drawings and plans, any good designer will include dimensions and sizes of the structural timber you should be using and where. Often, roof builders and installers will also have created a drawing or plan as to which types, sizes, and structural timber dimensions need to be used in the build.

Where can I buy structural timber online?

For the best structural timber prices in the country, shop at BUCO online today. You’ll also find unbeatable deals at your local BUCO store around the corner from you too.

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