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Shop Automotive Spares & Accessories Online 

Part of enjoying and getting the most out of your car is being prepared for those minor mishaps that could delay your journey. BUCO has a wide range of automotive spares & accessories for your convenience that will come in handy for a wide range of issues. 

Which automotive spares & accessories are best to buy?

Starting your engine 

Take a flat car battery for example. Our range of motor parts and accessories includes both 200A and 400A Mts jumper cables that would be well-placed to get your car sorted between services and/or getting it to a professional garage where a new battery may be fitted. Within the same area of concern might be your spark plugs. Small but mighty, the spark of electricity that the plug emits across a small gap creates the ignition for the combustion needed to start your car. If this is something you’re looking to replace yourself, we have these available for you from the reputable brand - Ryobi. 

Empty tank? 

To prepare for the event that you might be between petrol stations when your fuel light comes on and eventually face the sobering truth that your car has run out of fuel, it’s a great idea to have a Jerry Can as a backup. While we don’t suggest you transport it when full, it will come in really handy when you may need just enough petrol to get you to the nearest garage. BUCO stocks a wide range of these in varying sizes of 5L, 10L and 20L increments. 


Rope tows and tow straps are an invaluable goodie to have in your boot — perfect for any time an immobile car is more than a battery, spark plug or fuel issue and you need to tow it. For those of you with more permanent towing fixtures, our auto accessories category also includes tow hitch ball covers, trailer connectors (both male and female) and trailer plug covers. 


When it comes to changing a flat tyre — or even rotating your existing ones — BUCO’s auto parts store includes a range of Jack Bottles from Mobi. These are strength-specific and cover the following ranges: 

  • 2 Ton 
  • 3 Ton 
  • 5 Ton 
  • 8 Ton 
  • 10 Ton 
  • 12 Ton 
  • 15 Ton 


It’s daunting enough to be worried about what might have caused you to be stranded roadside; being careful is as important as it is that you get going again! So while you wait for help, you will want to be able to alert other motorists of your presence. Reflective triangle warning stands are a must-have for any driver’s emergency kit and you can get yours at BUCO. 


For our car fanatics out there, BUCO is also proud to offer a broad range of car-care auto accessories. Fill out those paint chips with body filler and hardener, and buff away scratches etc. with your choice of polishing and buffing pads. 

Pumps, window cleaner, wonder wax and much more, our automotive spares & accessories department is ready to keep your engine starting — or safe while you wait for the professionals to attend to you.  

Where to buy car fresheners online?

BUCO is here to help you build better together, safely. That may mean being your one-stop shop for all things DIY — from the kitchen through the home, and the warehouse to your office — but also means many areas of your lifestyle too. So even when it comes to searching for motor parts and accessories, we’ve got you covered! 

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