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Cook or heat up food with absolute convenience with a microwave from BUCO. Marvelled as one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century, it has helped countless households spend less time cooking and more time together. Most households and offices in South Africa use a microwave for convenience, whether it’s a small unit big enough to fit on a countertop or a larger unit big enough to do convection cooking too.

If you need microwaves for your office, your home, or for a client, you’ll be able to shop for this range of appliances at BUCO online now. We stock a range of microwaves for sale from the best-known international and local brands.

Shop the Home Décor Department at BUCO online or in-store now and keep an eye out for any microwave specials we might be running. We aim to be more than just a building cement and brick company to you, we aim to be your DIY or building partner of choice and that means supplying you with goods, items, and appliances for a huge range of needs from lighting, roofing, painting, automotive, cabinetry, and interior design too.

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Which microwaves are best to buy?

Many people ask us which brand is the best microwave to buy and our consultants always answer that question with a simple answer, “well, why do you need one?” Knowing what you need this kind of appliance for, will help you narrow down the search for the microwave you need to buy.

Microwaves come in a variety of strengths or voltage, meaning they cook using different levels of electricity. Let’s first find out how a microwave works;

How does a microwave work?

Otherwise known as a microwave oven, the microwave is an electric over that uses electromagnetic waves or radiation to heat or cook food. It is an extremely energy-efficient appliance in that it only uses electricity or radiation waves to heat the polar molecules in the food which makes them bounce around and get hot really quickly.

Most microwaves commonly come with a standardized power outage of between 700W – 1100W.

Safety Tips

Microwaves are electrical appliances and so caution needs to be used when using them. Here are five safety tips to follow when using your microwave;

  1. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions. When using your appliance for the first time or when wanting to know how to cook or bake certain things, first read the user manual for the appliance and follow their recommendations.
  2. Never put anything in the microwave that is non-microwaveable. Use containers that can be put in the microwave such as glass, ceramics, or certain plastics. Always check first before microwaving something as to whether it can be.
  3. Never overheat food items, especially water. Always follow instructions on the length of time needed to cook or warm your food. Never put already hot or boiling water into the microwave to heat it further.
  4. Be safe when handling containers or plates that have just been microwaved, you could severely burn your hands and fingers.

Now that you know a little bit more about microwaves, you can make the most informed decision as to the voltage you need in such an appliance.

Where to buy microwaves online?

Buy microwaves from BUCO online today. Shop our wide range of appliances like microwaves and other appliances too like heaters, fans, air conditioners, dishwashers, and much more. You can rest assured that our online store is secure, guaranteeing your safety when purchasing goods online.

If you’d prefer to visit us at a store near you, we’d love to meet you. Pop into a BUCO outlet around the corner, and ask for a Home Décor Department consultant to help you look at the microwaves and appliances you’re interested in. Find your nearest BUCO store now.

BUCO – let’s build together.

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