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  1. Floor Screed Z100  20kg Alcolin 080-98
    Alcolin Floor Screed Z100 20kg
  2. Cornice Adhesive Sausage DAS
    Cornice Adhesive Sausage DAS
  3. Pavelite 20kg Floorworx
    Pavelite 20kg Floorworx
  4. Screed Self Levelling Tylon (CN270/WB270)
    Screed Self Levelling Tylon (CN270/WB270)
  5. Superscreed  20kg Tal
    Superscreed 20kg Tal
  6. Screedmaster 22kg Tal
    Screedmaster 22kg Tal
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Screeding of floors for both the interior and exteriors has become a very popular method of flooring in the last few years. Screeds are an excellent flooring product to create that contemporary, effortless look that a screed mix floor offers. Floor screed products are easy to work with and easy to lay, although we do recommend asking a professional for help or tips on how best to work with it before just rushing in.

At BUCO we stock floor screeds and self-levelling screeds from SA’s best brands like Alcolin, TAL and Tylon too. Whether you need large 20kg bags for a residential or commercial build or smaller quantities for a home DIY-project, you’ll find it all at BUCO online or in-store today.

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Which screeds are the best to buy?

We have a range of floor screed products at BUCO online at some of the best floor screed costs and prices available right now. Trust BUCO to offer you quality products at competitive prices all year round.

Here are a few tips when working screed;

  1. Always level the flooring you’ll be screening. You can opt to level it with a self-levelling screed first to create a strong, smooth surface and then use a coloured screed to add the final layer of flooring
  2. It's best to reinforce the screed to bond it and minimise micro-cracks that may arise after it dries and settles.
  3. Once you’ve screened, apply a bonding agent to the concrete to make it water-resistant and resistant to stains too.

In our Tile Adhesives & Grout Department, we stock a wide range of additional products including:

  • Tile Additives
  • Tile Grouts
  • Tile Adhesives
  • Natural Stone Grouts & Adhesives
  • Carpet Additives & Adhesives
  • Vinyl Additives & Adhesives
  • Wood Additives & Adhesives

Where can I buy screeds online?

Find your nearest BUCO store now.

BUCO – let’s build together.

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