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The advancement of ceiling materials means that roofing — both indoors and out — has become a creative category, and in this case, we’re referring to ceiling tiles. Whether you’re looking for smaller quantities or for a trusted ceiling tile wholesale suppliers, BUCO offers a range of styrofoam ceiling tiles with an assortment of patterns and in a mix of shades, from: 

  • Beige Agate 
  • Silver 
  • Stone marble 
  • Beige marble 
  • Pearl

…and more! 

There are several advantages to considering using styrofoam ceiling tiles when it comes to your ceiling materials.

Which ceiling tiles are best to buy?

These Polystyrene ceiling tiles:  

  • are easy to install 
  • come in a wide range of styles and shades 
  • are great as far as insulation goes (maintaining the temperature of the room, ie. keeping it cool in summer and warm in winter 
  • also offer great sound insulation; acoustic ceiling tiles help prevent noise from travelling around the house 

As far as lightweight ceiling materials are concerned, you, BUCO, and our range of ceiling tile building supplies are the perfect combination to revamp your interior’s look with a patterned ceiling that is easy to install (especially when we also offer everything else you might need). 


People often believe that styrofoam ceiling tiles pose a greater risk in terms of being a fire hazard — as compared with other ceiling materials perhaps. It would be important to remember that all organic building materials are combustible; it is each product’s burning behaviour that we should be mindful of, which is often subject to how they have been installed. When installed correctly, expanded polystyrene products do not present an undue fire hazard.

With that in mind, we would urge you to confirm your rights as far as adjustments are made to the ceiling where you live, what restrictions might be in place, and of course, to take the necessary precautions and follow best-practice principles. From there on out, happy renovations and let us know how we at BUCO can help bring your interior or exterior’s makeover to life! 

Ceiling Tiles Supplies 

Where to get ceiling tiles supplies?


While BUCO guarantees an incredible offering to our walk-in customers and online shoppers, we welcome business-to-business trade as well! If you’re looking for reliable ceiling tile building supplies from reputable ceiling tile suppliers, talk to us about quantity with rates and service that are guaranteed to help your offering — and your bottom line. 


We are wholly committed to providing you with a safety-compliant shopping experience, with convenient options that suit the ways you like to shop: 

  • Order online with FREE delivery on purchases over R2000 within a 5km radius of your local store 
  • Order online but collect at the store with our next-day in-store collection service 
  • Shop safely with all protocols in place, in person at your nearest BUCO store with the help of our friendly DIY-enthusiastic staff   

BUCO — let’s build together, safely. 

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