Water saving aerators

Options running dry when it comes to saving water? Why not install MacNeil aerators onto all your taps? Save up to 60% water, save money and they are easy to install! Available at BUCO Western Cape stores from only R31.99

You will need

  • Sink mixer aerator
  • Basin Mixer aerator
  • Shower restrictor
  • Water saving multi-tool (if required)

What to do

Step 1:

Turn off the angle valve

Step 2:

Use a multi-tool, if required, to loosen and remove current aerator

Step 3:

Turn the angle valve on and flush the tap

Step 4:

Turn angle valve back off

Step 5:

Place the rubber seal into housing

Step 6:

Place into tap

Step 7:

Use the multi-tool, if required to tighten up

Step 8:

Turn on the angle valve

Step 9:

Start saving water!


Available at western cape stores only

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