Pro Painting Pointers for the DIY enthusiast

Why get a professional painter to paint your home when you could save money and Do-it-Yourself?

Here are a few tips, tricks and hacks to give your home a professional-looking finish at half the price:

Tip 1

Use masking tape over areas you don’t want to paint on for a neat finish.

Tip 2

Use a plastic bag over your paint tray for an easy cleanup.

Tip 3

Apply Vaseline over screws to simply wipe off the paint afterward.

Tip 4

Use an elastic band over paint cans to brush paint off easily.

Tip 5

Move your roller in a zig-zag motion for a smooth, even finish.

Tip 6

Cotton ear buds make for the best precision finishes.

Tip 7

To avoid discoloration, apply a coat of primer and texture wall patches.

Tip 8

Add a tablespoon of vanilla extract and mix well to help with paint fumes.

Tip 9

Clean the area that you are painting well as paint doesn’t stick to dirty surfaces.

Tip 10

Soak used brushes in hot vinegar for 30 minutes to clean them properly.

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