You’ll have no excuses not to organise when making your own pegboard is this easy! Paint it your favourite colour and show off your achievements or even hang up some greenery to brighten your space- the options are endless.

You will need

  • A cordless drill hammer (needs hammer function)
  • Wall screws with wall plugs
  • A spirit level
  • Saw / circular saw
  • Woodworking screws with washers
  • Support wood beam
  • Pegboard
  • Paint

What to do

Step 1:

Measure the space and mark out where you want to mount the board.

Step 2:

Cut support wood beam to the correct length.

Step 3:

Drill holes into the beams, then through the holes mark where you’ll be drilling into the wall.

Step 4:

Drill into the wall, put in wall plug, then mount beams.

Step 5:

Paint board fun colours, get creative!

Step 6:

Mount to wall with woodworking screws and washers.

Finish off with your personal touches and there you have it- an awesome new pegboard in your home!

Happy DIYing!

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