Light Steel Trusses

Light Steel Trusses

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"Ultra-Span® is a pre-fabricated light gauge steel roof truss system that is both lightweight and compact for economical transportation costs."


Assembly of trusses can be completed with only a drill with a clutch and a cut-off saw. Therefore, it is easy to work with on building sites.

Ultra-Span® is backed by a professional engineering and estimating department. Engineered designs are calculated using state of the art in-house developed software and provide economical roofing solutions.

The ideal usage is for Low-Cost projects (mass production) and Warehouses, Factories, Schools and Hospitals where long clear span trusses are required. However, it is also suitable for residential houses where long-span trusses are required.


Ultra-Span is a Mitek product and we use their software package, called 2020 to design and quote on this light steel roof truss system.



Ultra-Span is made of lightweight material, which makes it cost-effective to transport and easy to handle. This is also why this product is ideal for exporting to other countries in Africa.

Mass Production

This product really becomes cost-effective when it comes to mass production for low-cost or gap housing products. Ideally, you would set up a platform on-site where the trusses can be assembled and distributed to the houses. Local labour can also be used.

Long Clear Span

These roof trusses can clear-span a building of 25 meters without any internal supporting walls required - design dependent. Therefore it is ideal for warehouses, schools, factories and hospitals.

Site or Factory Assembled

Ultra-Span trusses can be assembled in a factory or on site, which is the preferred method especially when the span are quite long, because transportation becomes a problem with pre-fabed trusses longer than 15 meters.

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