Expanding Our CSI Footprint to Gauteng

We are entering year two with our Corporate Social Investment (CSI) partner Ranyaka Community Transformation, in which we are excited and thrilled to be expanding our CSI footprint to the Gauteng province.

The key projects that will benefit from this partnership are:

Fix-My-Space initiatives in Mamelodi East that focus on the upgrade of a prominent intersection in the area, the refurbishment of the Ebhukhosini Training Centre and the revamp of various Early Childhood Development Centres (ECD) in the area. Tool Libraries and DIY Toolbox initiatives will also be set up.

The Fix My Space programme is an intervention and action to create safe and inclusive spaces where people & communities can prosper. These projects could include cleaning of parks, painting of a feature, fencing, creating side walkers and so many projects that will foster pride, social unity and ownership by the community.

Refurbishment of Mamelodi East intersection

A busy intersection in Extension 11, which serves as an economic hub with various small businesses and stalls will be upgraded. This entails paving, planting trees and landscaping to make the area more attractive, to replace the old stalls with new ones and adding locally designed urban furniture.

This project is in collaboration with the City of Tshwane and local NGOs/ CBOs to ensure municipal policy adherence and full engagement with the community.

Refurbishment of parts of the Ebhukhosini training centre

The Ebukhosini Training Centre in extension 11 is used as a church, and during weekdays it hosts community meetings, seminars and it is used as an after-care facility for children. For the refurbishment plan, the centre’s side-walk area leading to the entrance will be paved and an additional bathroom facility is to be built. Other additional work includes upgrades to the roofing, ceilings, new windows, doors, tiling the floor, electricity fittings and installing both indoor-outdoor lights.

Support of Early Childhood Centres (ECD) revamp initiative

Through Ranyaka’s rich database of ECD centres in Mamelodi, a several centres have been identified for upgrades through the Fix-My-Space initiative. This will include providing basic facilities such as hand-washing stations, taps and new windows.

Supporting Tool Libraries

To ensure longer-term sustainability, tool libraries will be set up through two partner NGOs. In the true spirit of ubuntu, two main centres will be established where community members active in Fix-My-Space projects can lend the tools they need for their projects at no costs. This approach will ensure that the many other projects we support in Mamelodi, including ECD centres and gardens have access to essential tools they need for either handy work or gardening. The Tool libraries will also play a role in making equipment available to local DIY persons.

DIY Toolbox

All volunteers in these projects will receive a DIY box as a show of gratitude for their involvement.  The Boxes will be tailored for that specific group from Entrepreneurs, Fathers, Mothers, Young people, school principals etc. to help them tackle micro tasks and improvements on their buildings, structures and environments, thereby fostering a culture of fixing things in the community.

We look forward to seeing the positive impact that these projects will have in the coming year and will continue to look at how the partnership with Ranyaka can contribute to our vision of building the future.