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Laying wood flooring or wooden tiles and in need of wood adhesives that are going to get the job done well the first time – no lifting, no cracking? Choose from the BUCO range of wood glue and wood adhesives now; you won’t be sorry.

In our Tile Adhesive & Grout Department, you’ll find adhesives for every kind of flooring type. Whether you’re revamping a new bathroom with porcelain floor tiles or adding laminate wood flooring in a renovated lounge, choose from our variety of adhesives products today. We stock wood glue products at the best wood adhesive prices in town. Check out our website for the prices now and you’ll be blown away.

We aim to be your partner for all things building; from the DIY-enthusiast to the competitive professional, choose BUCO for all your building and hardware needs today.

Shop Wood Glue Online

Wood adhesive supplies is a broad category, and whether you’re buying for a smaller-scale project or looking for wood glue wholesale — you’ve come to the right place!

Wood glue is a wood adhesive that is used to fasten two separate pieces of wood together. You could use this when working on furniture or shelving from scratch, but also to mend wood items that may have broken and need repairing. Liquid in form and solidifies later, wood glue is easy to work with and wipes away excess amounts before it dries, helping to make sure your project looks neat and professional. 

Which wood glue is best to buy?

With a varied range of woodworking glue and wood adhesive supplies at BUCO, you can choose from Alcolin and A. Shak options in a range of sizes and formulations — designed to suit your specific needs.

So while wood adhesive supplies are no problem when it comes to shopping with us, let’s take a look at some tips to keep in mind for when you are setting out to use a wood adhesive: 

Choices First 

Make sure you have the right glue for the job before you get started. Don’t feel persuaded by a multipurpose adhesive claiming to work well on a variety of materials — wood included. Rather opt for a dedicated wood glue and if you’re unsure, discuss your needs with one of our in-store sales consultants. 

Mask Your Joints 

There are many stages to any woodworking project, so between gluing, sanding, varnishing, and staining, you might choose to complete each section before you assemble it all together at the end. This will save you time but also give your project a more professional finish. Remember to keep your joints clear because the glue won’t adhere as well to varnish or stain (and this could actually weaken the bond). Consider masking the surfaces with tape where the glue will be applied before you varnish or paint your wood, which is easy to remove when you’re ready to apply your wood glue. And remember that if you’re using water-based products, a no-bleed tape is best. 


Use a suitable applicator. For intricate joints, a flux brush is a good choice because it allows you to get into those hard-to-reach grooves, corners, and crevices. When you’re applying wood adhesive to a larger surface, go for a plastic notched spreader which will help you to achieve an even spread across your joining surface(s). A great tip if you don’t have a plastic spreader handy is to use an expired bank card. 

Avoid Stains 

You’ll want to clamp your wood in position so that you’re sure your alignment is correct before you apply your wood glue. But did you know that the metal part of your clamp will react to any glue that touches it, and will probably leave a mark on your wood? A great way to avoid this is to put a layer of wax paper between the clamp and the wood or over the bars. This helps keep the wood adhesive away from the clamps and makes cleaning up an easy job — so it’s a win-win on both accounts. 

Where to get wood adhesive supplies?

While BUCO guarantees an incredible offering to our walk-in customers and online shoppers, we welcome business-to-business trade as well! If you’re looking for wood adhesive supplies for your wood glue bulk orders, then talk to us about quantity with rates and service that are guaranteed to help your offering — and your bottom line.

We are wholly committed to providing you with a safety-compliant shopping experience, with convenient options that suit the ways you like to shop: 

  • Order online with FREE delivery on purchases over R2000 within a 5km radius of your local store 
  • Order online but collect at the store with our next-day in-store collection service 
  • Shop safely with all protocols in place, in person at your nearest BUCO store with the help of our friendly DIY-enthusiastic staff  

BUCO — let’s build together, safely. 

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