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Brick / Masonry / Concrete Cleaners

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  1. Polycell Mortalift  1l
    Polycell Mortalift 1l
  2. Polycell Mortalift  5l
    Polycell Mortalift 5l
  3. Mortar-Off  5l Powafix
    Powafix Mortar-Off 5l
  4. Powafix Spirits Of Salts  1l
    Powafix Spirits Of Salts 1l
  5. Spirits Of Salts  5l Powafix
    Powafix Spirits Of Salts 5l
  6. Alumanation Pool Acid 5l
    Alumanation Pool Acid 5l
  7. Alumanation Spirits Of Salts 5l
    Alumanation Spirits Of Salts 5l
  8. Everbuild Cemstrip Sprayable 1l
    Everbuild Cemstrip Sprayable 1l
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  9. Alumanation Concrete Cleaner  5l
    Alumanation Concrete Cleaner 5l
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  10. Everbuild Oil Away 1l
    Everbuild Oil Away 1l
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  11. Alumanation Oxalic Acid  500g
    Alumanation Oxalic Acid 500g
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  12. Everbuild Wonder Wipes Spray 1l
    Everbuild Wonder Wipes Spray 1l
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Spirit of Salts

Spirit of salts otherwise knows as Hydrochloric Acid is an extremely strong acid used often on building sites and projects that require a concentrated and powerful cleaner. Spirit of salts cleaner is able to clean and dissolve cement, tile adhesives, grout and plasters which is ideal for prepping an outdoor area before painting. You can also use this type of cleaner to thoroughly clean cement or concrete floors.

If you’re in need of an excellent strength cleaner that will get the toughest preparation jobs done, then choose Spirit of Salts from BUCO online right now. We stock a wide range of options from 1L units to 5L tubs. No matter how much you need, BUCO will have the quantities for you.

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Which Spirit of Salts is best to buy?

If you need to clean a surface like outdoor tiles or cement in order to repaint it, then cleaning with the spirit of salts is your best bet. It is a highly corrosive acid that can be dangerous to work with if the proper precautions aren’t taken. Here are some tips to working safely with the acid;

Handle with Care

When working with this liquid always make sure that you wear chemical-resistant gloves, goggles and an apron too. It's key to protect your hands, skin and eyes when cleaning with this product.

Transport & Storage

Be careful when transporting the spirit of salts products and make sure the bottles your ae transporting or keeping them in aren’t cracked or leaking to avoid corrosion of surfaces. Also, when you store a bottle of this product tries and store it in a wood cabinet and not metal.

If you get this acidic liquid on your skin, rinse it for 15-20mins with water and immediately seek medical help. It is a great product that gets the job done really well, but it must be worked with safely to prevent accidents and injury.

If you’d like to rather visit a BUCO store near, you’re most welcome. We have outlets across the country with friendly staff who are trained to know all about the building and construction space. Whether you’re a DIY-fundi in need of some advice or a professional builder who knows what he wants, find it all at your local store today. Find your nearest BUCO store now.

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