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There is nothing like the plush feel of an excellent quality bath mat underfoot when you get out of the warm, soothing bath. Or the satisfaction you get from knowing that the kid’s dirty feet won’t get traipsed through the house thanks to the doormat at the entrance. Rugs and mats are an essential part of any clean, contemporary home giving you peace of mind every time.

Check out the rugs and mats for sale in our Home Décor Department now. At BUCO, we aim to provide you with a range of choices when it comes to home decorating which includes bathroom rugs, reception mats and much more. Welcome your guests in style and always make sure you have luxury beneath your feet with a door or bath mat from BUCO today.

Which rugs and mats are the best to buy?

Personal choice plays the most important role when it comes to choosing the best rugs and mats. Most consumers make decisions on home décor items like mats and rugs based on a few factors including:

  • What is the mat or rug is required for?
  • What is the style or look/feel of the home décor?
  • What is the function of the mat required i.e. is it a welcome mat for the front door or a bath
    mat for the bathroom?
  • What colour scheme is needed?

When a designer or homemaker understands the answers to these questions, they are then able to make a more informed choice as to the best rugs and mats for them.

At BUCO, our aim is to provide our loyal customers with a huge range of choices so that no matter what they need, there will be an item for them to choose from.

The BUCO rugs and mats range

We have two categories of rugs and mats to choose from in this section, namely;

Living Rooms

From welcome mats for front entrances to rubber utility mats for doors and entrances with high traffic volumes, the mats available from BUCO online or in-store are designed with functionality and style in mind. We stock a range of mats for the home from leading brands that you can trust.


Whether you’re looking for a modern mat for a guest bathroom or a large, luxurious bath mat for a main bathroom, you’ll find it at BUCO today. We have a huge range of bath mats and rugs available to choose from in a variety of fabrics, styles, colours and prices too.

Where to buy rugs and mats online?

Did you think we were just a building supplies company? Well, now you know that BUCO stocks the widest range of accessories, items, supplies and appliances for every part of the home. From building a home to beautifying one, we’ve got it all at BUCO now.

You can shop with us online through buco.co.za. Our online store is packed to the brim with stock from across our departments from lighting to automotive. If you can dream it, we will supply it at BUCO online.

Would you prefer to touch and feel our range of mats and rugs to find the exact one you’re looking for? Our keen sales consultants would be more than happy to show you through our home décor department, helping you to find the exact one you have in mind. Find your nearest BUCO store now.

BUCO – let’s build together.

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