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In today’s techno-world where everything reaches us via cyberspace, is there still a need for a good old-fashioned post-box? At BUCO we most certainly think that post boxes are still in fashion, as many customers still ask for mail as their preferred method of communication from businesses and suppliers.

From retro-designed post boxes for sale to steel built-in boxes for the wall, we offer a range of post boxes for the home from some of SA’s best-loved brands. Built strong to withstand our variety of weather conditions and available in a range of designs, colours, and finishes, choose BUCO as your home convenience store for buying post boxes online.

What else are you looking for in Home Décor? We’ve got a wide range of home décor items, appliances, and accessories to choose from like blinds, curtains, Brushware, bath towels, gas appliances, home cleaning products, and more.

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Which post boxes are best to buy?

The choice is all yours when it comes to deciding which post box to buy online. It will come down to your personal choice of colour and style but it will also depend on how much space you have available. Do you have a big front garden on which you can place a bird-box shaped post box? Or do you only have a small space available on a door in which you’d like to install a letter-box type post box?

At BUCO, we’ve placed all our post boxes to buy in one easy section to find. In our Home Décor Department, you’ll find the Post Boxes section for you to browse through. If you’re visiting us in-store, ask one of our friendly consultants to take you through the Home Décor Department to view what stock is in-store today.

A how-to-guide for buying online

  1. You’ve made the decision to browse online for the item you need, so now what?
    Choose a website you can trust, like BUCO.co.za, and make sure it offers safe and secure
    online shopping.
  2. Make yourself comfortable and take your time browsing. Don’t get roped in to impulse deals
    that tell you that you only have a limited time to buy. A good website will never push you to
    buy immediately.
  3. Once you have found the item/items you’d like, click the “add to cart” button or similar to
    place the item/items in your online shopping cart.
  4. Purchase your goods via the checkout system. Always make sure that they offer you a secure
    checkout process that verifies your card or EFT details via your bank. If you are at all hesitant
    about a website or it’s practiced, follow your gut and cancel your shop.

Where to buy post boxes online?

Get your new post box directly from BUCO online today. Browse our post box range and choose the one you love the most. Buy it online and we’ll deliver to your home within a few days. If you’re not entirely satisfied with the product, check out our customer returns policy now.

Our business philosophy is “Let’s Build Together” and to us, that means every aspect of building and decorating the home or office space. From painting, plumbing and electrical, to lighting, roofing, and decorating; at BUCO we’ve got it all covered. From DIY homemakers to professionals, we aim to turn every customer into a partner for life.

Find us across SA at a local BUCO store now. From Athlone to Worcester, there is a friendly BUCO around the corner from you, with staff happy to help. Find your nearest BUCO store now.

BUCO – let’s build together.

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