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Shop Home Cleaning Products Online

When it comes to home cleaning, make sure you shop online at BUCO for everything you could possibly need. We have it all covered when it comes to cleaning products for sale at some of SA’s most competitive prices. From furniture polish and window cleaner to window blind dusters and spaghetti mops, you’ll be able to buy it all at BUCO online or in-store now.

We stock a large variety of cleaning products from leading brands like NECO, Howard’s and Academy. Whether you’re tackling a DIY cleaning or renovation project, or whether you’re a professional in need of reliable supplies, check out your nearest BUCO store or visit us online for the best cleaning material supplies today.

To us at BUCO, we don’t simply want to be a retailer that you shop at now and again. We want to become your partner of choice for all things cleaning, building, DIY and more. That’s why we offer such a wide range of products because we want to ensure that all of our customers can find anything they want, all of the time.

Which home cleaning products are the best to buy?

When it comes to home cleaning products, the proof is in the pudding. We stock a variety of choice in products and brands so that you can choose the best products for yourself. Buy cleaning products online at BUCO today, you could literally fill up your entire shopping basket with cleaning, polishing, mopping and scrubbing equipment that you need. From essentials like microfibre mops to specifics like tile cleaner; we’ve got your covered.

Take a look at some of the items in our Home Cleaning range now;


When it comes to polishing and cleaning products, BUCO has a wide range of products to choose
from like;

  • Furniture polish
  • Furniture wax
  • Wood cleaner
  • Drain cleaner
  • Caustic soda
  • Tile cleaner
  • Mould cleaner
  • Bitumen and glue remover,
  • Jeyes Fluid


You’ll know exactly what kind of mop you prefer to use. Many homemakers have a variety of mops for different uses too. We stock a range of mops to choose from including;

  • Mop sweepers
  • Microfibre mops
  • Wring mops
  • Twist mops
  • Squeegee window cleaners and mops


From builders’ buckets in a variety of shapes and sizes to spin mop sets with a variety of attachments, search our Home Cleaning range for the exact bucket type you need.

Dusting and Cleaning

When it comes to dusting or cleaning the home, office or building site, you’ll find what you’re looking for at BUCO online or in-store now. The products on offer in this range include;

  • Feather dusters
  • Rags and rag rolls
  • Sponges
  • Toilet paper
  • Refuse bags

Where to buy Home Cleaning products online?

At BUCO of course! We have a store in every major town in South Africa, so you’re guaranteed to find a local BUCO around the corner from you. We have trained, skilled staff who know just about everything there is to know about our various product ranges. Ask for a specialist in Home Cleaning at your local BUCO store and they’ll be glad to help you find the product or item you need.

Keen to find out where your nearest BUCO store is? Find your nearest BUCO store now.

“Let’s Build Together” is our philosophy and that’s why it was so important to us to make our stock and product range easily available to our customers. BUCO online is an eCommerce site that aims to make DIY and Building that much easier and quicker. Shop for everything you might need on-site or at home at BUCO online now and it will get delivered to you shortly.

BUCO – let’s build together.

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