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Curtains are not simply to keep the light out. They are used as design elements in our homes and offices as window treatments to beautify a space. They can also be used as functional elements too such as keeping us warm and cosy in a bedroom. No matter the reason or application needs, we can all agree that beautiful curtains can finish off a new room with class and style or even give a new, fresh look to an existing space. Visit our Home Décor Department either in-store or online now and you’ll find a range of curtains to beautify any space.

Which curtains are the best to buy?

Your choice of curtain is as personal a decision as any. At BUCO we stock a range of curtains online and in-store that will match a variety of tastes, styles, and colour palettes too.
Our curtains for sale range includes:

Curtains with Rails

Many designers and homemakers love the look of a curtain on a rail especially when it is finished off with a wooden curtain rail rod. We stock a range of curtains in varying sizes and drops that are suitable to be hung on a curtain rail. Make sure when buying these curtain types that you know what kind of rail you need to install or what rail is already installed in the space. Also, make sure you buy enough curtain hooks and gliders to finish off the look perfectly.

Curtains with Rods

This kind of curtain design is also a very popular one. Instead of being hooked onto a rail, this design makes use of a rod that is installed above a window. The curtain is then made with a variety of options to manoeuvre easily through the rod. These types could include:

  • Panels with rings
  • Pleated panels with ring hooks
  • Tabletop panels

No matter what kind of window dressing or curtain look and feel you are going for, you’ll be able to buy curtains at BUCO.

Where to buy curtains online?

At BUCO, we encourage our customers to have a few things planned out before buying curtains online. Here are a few tips when online shopping for curtains;

Tips for Buying Curtains Online:

  • Always measure the length and width of the window or frame that you are wanting to drape. Some windows are not standard sizes and therefore it’s always vital to know the exact dimensions of the window you are wanting to cover with curtains so that when buying online, you are able to make the correct decision as to the size you need.
  • Know what the elements in the room are. For example, is the window in direct sunlight all day long, and therefore do you need to buy curtains in a more durable or washable fabric? If the curtains are needed for a bedroom, do you want to have lined curtains or ones with a blackout?
  • Know the washing instructions. If you need curtains for a versatile room that gets lots of traffic is best to choose a fabric or make that can be easily washable. Understand the needs
    of the room or space, you’ll be using the curtains for before you buy.

You can shop with BUCO online easily right now. Choose the type, material, style, colour, and price range of the curtains you want, put them in your online shopping basket and check out. Could curtain shopping be any easier?
Make sure you have all the accessories you need to go with the curtains too, like rods and curtain rails. Shop for Curtain Accessories now. Would you prefer to take a look at our range of curtains in the flesh? We’d love to take you through our variety of curtain designs and fabrics, simply pop in a store near you and ask for a Home Décor Department consultant today. Find your nearest BUCO store now.

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