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  1. Bostik Dit-Sit 2m 1-1810
    Bostik Dit-Sit 2m 1-1810
  2. Duct Tape 48mm x 25m Gloss Silver Sello
    Duct Tape 48mm x 25m Gloss Silver Sello
  3. Tape Duct 50mm x 25m Grey Academy F6713GR
    Tape Duct 50mm x 25m Grey Academy F6713GR
  4. Tape Duct 48mm x 25m Grey
    Tape Duct 48mm x 25m Grey
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Duct Tape

Which duct tape is best to buy?

From binding and repairing to reinforcing, ducting, and insulation, duct tape is a multipurpose solution for many tasks in both the home and industrial environments. If you’re tasked with general sealing, patching holes, packing boxes, and short-term repairs, you can be sure to come right with either the Sello or Academy duct tape options on offer from BUCO. 


Most duct tape formulation has been developed to be used on a variety of surfaces (which is what makes this such a handy, versatile product). You should remember however that any adhesive sticks best to a clean, flat surface. This doesn’t mean that your choice of duct tape can’t be used on uneven surfaces, but that you should ensure you apply pressure across all the raised and indentation crevices along the surface area that the duct tape is being applied to. 

Working with water? 

A common question that comes to mind about this product is: Is duct tape waterproof? It would be safer to regard your choice of duct tape as water-resistant rather than waterproof. It is a credible, reliable solution, but remember that because wetness will cause the adhesion to peel away over time, duct tape is a more temporary solution rather than a permanent one in the context of the two items that you are binding together being submerged underwater. 

Waterproof duct tape 

If it is a water-tight problem you’re looking to solve, consider Bostik Dit-Sit. This high-quality self-adhesive butyl sealing tape is backed with a durable, corrosion resistant aluminium foil that creates a watertight, draught-proof seal on almost any surface. 

Its strong, permanent track allows it to bond with a wide variety of surfaces, including: 

  • Metal sheeting 
  • Water tanks 
  • Downpipes and gutters 
  • Parapet walls 
  • Chimneys and pipe vents 

...and more! 

Remember that while this is the solution for areas that will be subjected to water, it still needs to be applied dry. It is best to be sure that the contact has set before immersing/subjecting your taped-up areas to an underwater environment. 

With such a versatile product at hand, you’ll see why there are so many duct tape uses that can be listed as well as those you find out for yourself. 

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