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Shop Super Glue And Glue Sticks Online 

BUCO is your trusted stockist of a range of the strongest super glue, glue stick and instant super glue products which can be used for a wide variety of purposes. From Alcolin and Bostik to Pattex, we have your favourite super glue for sale

There are many good reasons as to why Super Glue is such a popular multipurpose glue! Besides being so easy to use, the most obvious advantage about instant super glue is just that it’s instant. This handy product is easy to use and bonds non-porous materials together in seconds. Not only quick and hassle-free, these glues are known for their exceptional tensile strength, holding up to 210kg per square centimetre. 

Handy in its small tube with fine-point nozzle, glue sticks (for use with a glue gun) are also popular because of how they cure (set) much faster than craft or wood glues alike. 

Which super glue is best to buy?

Super Glue as a popular adhesive makes for an excellent choice among those where precision work is required, such as electrical, optical, watch and jewellery repairs, car accessories, and definite worthy choice for a range of DIY use on surfaces such as: 

  • Metal 
  • Ceramic 
  • Wood 
  • Most plastics (except polyethylene or polypropylene) 
  • Natural and synthetic rubber 
  • Leather 

Tips for working with Super Glue

  • Apply your super glue from the nozzle or glue gun and keep the two areas pressed or held together for 30 seconds 
  • Avoid moving or repositioning the two items as this will impair the final bond 
  • Your product may be handled after a safe waiting period of 30 minutes, while you can be sure that the permanent, maximum bond strength is achieved after 12 hours 

Super Glue is very sensitive to temperature, so warm air is your friend when you’re wanting to speed up the drying process; use a hairdryer on a low setting to heat the glue and aid it in setting quicker. 

Where to buy super glue online?

When you’re looking for the strongest super glue for sale and/or glue sticks for sale, look no further than BUCO! Browse our range of options through our online store, compare product ranges and prices while you consider what’s on promotion, and simply make your purchasing decisions by adding the selected items to your basket. Remember that you can enjoy free delivery on purchases over R2000 within a 5km radius. 

While hand sanitizers and social distancing with mandatory masks are guaranteed, we understand that crowds are a concern and assure you of our commitment to the strictest safety protocols. If you would like to avoid queues and get all of your best super glue needs sorted online but collect your inventory at the store, take advantage of our next-day in-store collection service. Find your nearest BUCO store now.

BUCO - let’s build together, safely. 

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