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Pine PAR Structural

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  1. Fillet SA Pine 22x22mm 3.000m
    Fillet SA Pine 22x22mm 3.000m
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Planed All Round Pine

Looking for PAR or planed all round pine that is of a high standard and well priced? Look no further than BUCO today. Our online store is packed to the rafters (excuse the pun) with timber and boards of all kinds to make any construction or building project that much easier. Shop for planed all round pine for sale at BUCO online and get it delivered to your door. Or get the best planed all round pine price at your local BUCO store too.

Get the smoothest edges and most accurate edges when you choose BUCO as you planed all round pine supplier of choice. We aim to be more than just a supplier though; we want to be your partner of choice in all your building and hardware endeavours. Trust us to stock the widest range of quality products and accessories at the best prices today.

Shop Planed All Round Pine Online

What is PAR structural pine?

PAR when referring to pine stands for “planed all round” meaning the pine has been planed or shaved down to create a smooth, uniform surface all around. Planed all round pine is commonly used by carpenters when making furniture or in other woodworking tasks. It’s also used by builders and DIY-guys for a range of construction purposes too.

Which planed all round pine is best to buy?

Depending on your project, the best type of planed all round pine to buy is an excellent quality one. Planed PAR structural pine has been carefully worked to be smooth on all edges and can essentially be used as is. Planed pine is extremely affordable and comes in a variety of diameters, lengths, and thicknesses too.

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In-Store Shopping

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