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We stock a range of postform joiners from top-end trims and corner joints to top T joints and more. Simply browse our range of postform joiners for sale at BUCO online or in-store today. You’ll find all the sizes and colours of postform top ends, joiners and top T joints at your one-stop hardware shop today, BUCO.

What is a postform joiner?

Postform joiners are forged out of plastic laminate that has been moulded together to form one solid bar that is extremely versatile and long-lasting. Postform joiners and other postform materials like tops are known to be great for areas like kitchens, bathrooms and outdoor spaces because they are scratch-resistant, heat resistant and do not dent easily too.

Which postform joiners are best to buy?

Depending on what you are installing or fitting, the postform joiner you choose to buy needs to make sense for the job at hand. Postform top ends are used for the installation and finishing of postform tops and to join two tops or pieces of postform plank together. During your planning for the installation of the postform tops or counters, be sure to ask these pertinent questions about the size and amount and type of joiners you need:

  • How many joins will there be in the counters or tops I’m installing?
  • What size do these joiners need to be to fit the join perfectly?
  • What angle or type of joiners are required for which joins?
  • What colour of postform tops are you installing and therefore what colour joiners are required?
  • Do you have all the accessories you need, like glues, adhesives, screws etc to complete the installation?
  • Rope/ Twine

Where can I buy postform joiners online?

For the best postform joiner prices as well as a range of other ironmongery products can be found quickly and easily at BUCO. We are the postform joiner suppliers you can trust. We make shopping for all the building materials and hardware items for your weekend DIY job easy, by offering two easy ways to shop:


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